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mommies, what would you do? Child endangerment?

Is it against the law, or considered child abuse/neglect/endangerment to allow a child out of the car seat while the car is in motion? I am asking because I am seriously concerned for a friend of mines child. I am not talking brief moments to readjust the straps or what-not, I mean the whole 2-4 hour trip on a highway out of the car seat, crawling around in the car and being held by her mother. Both parents admit it flat out that they have done this. Not only this, the child has been forward facing since she was 7 1/2 months old. She has been called obese (diet has consisted of Mountain Dew, Hot Dogs, Peaches, & Ice Cream since 6 months of age. The mom thinks its funny) by her Doctor, and since she was well over the 20 lb weight limit, they put her front facing even when she was well under a year. They flat out choose to ignore anything anyone tells them, and I know somethings aren't anyones business. But the car seat is a HUGE deal. I don't know what to do? I have known this girl my whole life.


the child is roughly 13 months old, she is a few weeks younger than my son. Her parents aren't fat, but their child is. They think its cute & funny.

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    This is perfectly illegal, and is child endangerment. The child should be strapped in its seat at all times within a moving vechile.

    Edit: Even at 1 year old the child should be strapped in. And as for the food, thats terrible.

    The parents should do more to give their child a nutricious diet. You could try talking to them to see how bad it is, they might listen to you seeing as you've known them for her whole life, otherwise you might have to call child protective services on them IF they do anything else extreme to danger their child. I know that it will be hard, but its the safest thing to do.

    Best of luck xx

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    I usually take a 'if it doesn't affect you, keep out of it" approach, but kids out of their car seats is one thing that grinds at my nerves. It's neglect, endangerment and illegal. Why take that risk? Some people are so damn stupid they deserve whatever consequences come their way. Unfortunately that's usually at the cost of the child.

    Facing forward, I can look the other way. But absolutely can not avoid passing judgment on someone who doesn't put their child in a car seat. I'd almost go as far as to know where they are traveling and when, tail behind them and report it to the police en route. Let them deal with it, because they won't look the other way either.

    If you're set on saying something to your friend, maybe put into perspective that god forbid something happens and they have an accident, the child will be hurt or killed. Ask if that's something they want on their concience. Maybe the selfish thought of having to live with guilt is enough to convince selfish people to do the right thing.

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    Call CPS on them.

    My state (KS) has a seatbelt law that states that anyone younger than 18 MUST be wearing a seat belt. If you're in the front seat, no matter the age, you must be belted in. If your state has a similar law, the child certainly falls under it.

    Not to mention that it is child endangerment, as another poster says.

  • roni
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    3 years ago

    If ur nothin yet a sturdy dad, and a contributing member of society, the youngster is yours. mothers initiate with the facet, yet ur ex used hers up. Dont subject approximately what police officers did. babies centers are throughout that and u gets to understand em properly my chum. Ur ex would be compelled to pass threw battery of checks, incredibly de humanized with the aid of babies centers for it slow, and that i doubt she would have custody for the subsequent 10 yrs, atleast, after she grows up! they are going to placed her threw the ringer my chum! After some inevidable purple tape, rejoice with ur daughter. Its a disgrace she would be able to hold this trauma for awhile. Its sturdy to understand we generally forget approximately what we did while we've been 2. Its the fast term which will tell which way she,s gonna pass so a strategies as managing what she observed. God velocity, if ya have self assurance. Ur youngster did some surprising stuff! some would say that replaced into God workin his mysterious strategies

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  • Faith
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    9 years ago

    yes this is wrong and against the law

    contact CPS

    or call the police when you see the child out of the carseat. I'm surprised other drivers haven't done that I'm sure they would have seen a child crawling all over the car while it was in motion.

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    I highly doubt that CPS would do anything and unfortunately without any real proof you can't call the cops either. But I would bring it up with her that you were reading the statistics about car seats, making out like you read something new maybe and hopefully it'll make her wake up.

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    I don't think CPS would do anything. I mean, there are kids who are beaten, shoved in basements with no food and sitting in cat pee....something as trivial as a car seat isn't going to be a big deal to them. As far as food is, they don't care so much as to what the child is being fed they just look at if the child is being fed. So CPS really is out of the question.

    It certainly is foolish parenting though and they could use a good slap in the face to wake them up. Have you talked to them about your concerns and told them it isn't cute or funny.

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    Maybe you should try writing her an anonymous letter. Type it up and mail it to her addressing your concern. If this still continues, I would say something to CPS. I know that you don't want to be the reason that your friend looses her child, but if the doctor knows about her weigh gain and stuff, they have probably already said something to the people at CPS. I'm sorry to hear this,because its bad parenting like this, that causes these precious innocent children to get hurt. In the long run, you are helping the child.

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    I would consider this child endangerment and neglect. I would definitely report these people.

  • 9 years ago

    I'd call CPS. They may be able to harass them into using the car seat properly. Unfortunately, they can't do shi* about fat-*** parents making mini-mes by feeding their children the same garbage....

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