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5 least favorite NFL teams?

What 5 teams do you just despise more than all others.


5. Buccanaeers - Just do, not sure why

4. Patriots - Bill Belicheck and his god awful sweatshirts, Tom Brady and his not actually that goodness, what's not to hate?

3. Colts - I hate how bent everyone is on riding Peyton's cock, he's a choker and his voice makes me hate him even more

2. Cowboys - Sick of all this America's Team crap, they are probably the most hated in the NFL

1. Vikings - I'm a Packer fan in Viking territory, they are the worst fans ever


Haha, I love how everything is thumbs downed

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    I hope nobody minds that I'm going to number this a bit differently.

    28. Eagles - My dislike began with their poor treatment of Brian Dawkins after the 2008 season ended. Things got worse when they gave Brian Westbrook the exact same treatment and Donovan McNabb similar treatment (at least McNabb was traded, but that doesn't make things much better). I wonder what's going through the minds of DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, knowing they could be the next to be treated so poorly when they get older than 30.

    29. Jets - A couple ex-Ravens and a couple wideouts (both of whom got their start in the AFC North, neither of whom are the ex-Ravens) are why I dislike the Jets as much as I do.

    30. Vikings - This can be attributed to one person, without whom I would be able to at least tolerate the rest of the team. The culprit here is preventing Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels from competing for a starting job.

    31. Bengals - First and foremost, their home city is the American city I despise most of all. Add onto that the fact that both starting wideouts are attention-whores (I wonder if I can get away with saying that), and it's a wonder that (A) Marvin Lewis is still sane and (B) there's still a team I despise even more.

    32. Rams - They force Dick Vermeil into retirement after he leads them to a Super Bowl victory, then Mike Martz and Jay Zygmunt draft so poorly (aside from the Steven Jackson pick) that the team is pretty much barren once the "Greatest Show on Turf" is broken up, then people in St. Louis want to blame Scott Linehan for the Rams' woes despite him entering a hopeless situation (a team in bad need of defensive help hires a former offensive co-ordinator to replace Martz in 2006) and leaving the team with slight hope (he did give the team Chris Long with the #2 pick in his final draft), and now Enos (best-known for double-booking the Pepsi Center in Denver with a Nuggets playoff game and a WWE event) is the team's owner.

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    well known a million. Denver Broncos 2. green bay Packers 3. Indianapolis Colts 4. Atlanta Falcons 5. long island Giants Hated a million. Oakland Raiders (*pukes*) 2. San Diego Chargers 3. Chicago Bears 4. Carolina Panthers 5. Pittsburgh Steelers

  • 1. Eagles - Hard to believe I could dislike a team more so then the Pastriots but it's mostly because their fans are the worst in all of football. Their fans boo Santa Caus, cheer when Michale Irvin almost broke his neck, booed when they drafted Donovan McNabb over Ricky Williams especially when they needed a qb so desperately, then cheer and wanted Donovan McNabb gone after all he's done for them to make their team respectable again, want so desperately for Kevin Kolb to be their starter when Michael Vick is obviously the better choice to win and are outright ungrateful and downright despicable.

    2. Patriots - Their coach, qb and poverall team and a huge majority of their fanes but not all are arrogant to no ends.

    3. Vikings - Only because soem of their fans get on my nerves especially when they cried about the Saints winning the game and said it was rigged for them to lose. That plus the fact that I never saw or heard of much of anybody talking about liking the Viking until Bret Favre became their quarterback.

    4. Redskins - Oh man there's just a lot I don't like about them.

    5. Giants - Sick of how everybody looks past the Jets in NYC because of the Giants. Plus for years the Jets were second class citizens in Giants Stadium.

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    -Just want to point out that I am a Green Bay fan/Pittsburgh fan.

    5. Vikings: Got I hate Brad Childress so much, and how overrated Peterson is. The only reason these guys aren't number 1 on my list is I still like Favre and have respect for him

    4. Patriots: I hate everything about them, except Brady. He played for Michigan and both my parents attented Michigan and I plan on attending Michigan in the future.

    3.Cowboys: Not much anymore but like you said, they were calling themselves Americas team, and they buy out all their players, and they did not deserve that new stadium.

    2. Cincinatti: Oh I hate Ochocinco so much. Also Pit rivals.

    1. Tennesee: They are such loudmouths but have nothing to show for it. Yeah they have Chris Johnson, probably the most overrated player in the NFL. He was shutdown agiants the steelers defence. They also stepped on a terrible towel.

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    1. Raiders -- Ghetto!

    2. Patriots -- Cheaters!

    3. Colts -- Annoying Peytons

    4. Bills -- They suck and they can't admit it, I'd root for them again if they could.

    5. Eagles -- Annoying. They always choose losers for their team and lack honor. Michael Vick anyone?

    5 favorite teams:

    1. Carolina Panthers--they suck right now, but Steve Smith reminds me so much of Mr. T and is pretty much their whole team. Plus, they've had some all time greats--and I grew up in the Carolinas when the team was formed.

    2. Steelers--virtually half of the first Panthers team was steelers, and the steelers consistently put forth players who play well, AND have a lot of character. They have perhaps the best fans in the league as well. The terrible towel was their idea, and Pittsburgh itself has been a veritable shrine for the team for decades.

    3. Detroit Lions--they're so awful, and that's why they have a special place in my heart.

    4. Broncos--John Elway was a hell of a player, and the headbutt he gave in the superbowel to get into the endzone was fantastic.

    5. Alaska Huskies/Grizzlies -- For the team they will have in 2100.

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      Everyone calls the Patriots cheaters when studies show the Broncos are by far the biggest cheaters in the NFL. They just cheat under the radar.

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    5. Patriots--Hate Bill and the little ***** they have for QB

    4. Raiders--Enough said

    3. Vikings--Actually I like the Vikings, I just hate Favre that much.

    2. Ravens--For coming from Cleveland.

    1. Browns--For being in Cleveland. Remember, if it is Brown, flush it.

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    5. Cowboys- Just dont like them

    4. Titans- Division rival and cant stand vince young

    3. Patriots- Brady is a pretty boy which I cant stand, besides hes good which gives me an even better reason.

    2. Raiders- Cant stand the fans, they annoy the crap out of me...

    1. Colts- Like you I am tire of everybody kissing peytons butt! He is good, but I cant stand him!

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    5. Redskins

    4. Saints

    3. Patriots

    2. Cowboys

    1. Eagels

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    Clowning on Peyton MAnning is like celebrating Bush's presidency--it doesn't hold.

    I despise the Cowboys because of their owner. Yes, Romo is a clown, but Jerry Jones makes my skin crawl. That idiot in Washington, with his micromanaging, also makes me want to puke. If he'll leave Shanahan alone, he may have a good team. Dan Snyder: epic clown.

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    Bears, Vikings, Cowboys, Patriots and Giants.

    I am also a Packer fan :)

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