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Downs Syndrome. Did you "know" before you knew?

I have a 1 in 3 chance of having a Downs Syndrome baby. I'm having an amnio next Tuesday. But for those of you moms that have had a "Downs Pregnancy" did you "know" before you "knew"? Was the pregnancy different than other pregnancies you had? I'm freaking out so any info is good info. Thanks.

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    there are risks involved with an amnio test, not sure that i would take those risks just to find out if the baby had downs or not. are you going to do something differently if the amnio comes back saying your baby has downs? i'm not sure why everybody flips out over this issue. downs is not that big of a deal, they are the sweetest people in the world! please don't worry about this too much, there are tons of other things a baby can have wrong with them that are way worse than downs.

    my doctor asked me if i wanted to test for it because my cousin has it, i didn't even bother. it may just be me, and i'm really not trying to be mean, but i don't see the sense in getting all worked up over something like down's.

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    I was given 1:20 odds. I had a CVS to find out for sure. I had a variety of small issues with my pregnancy that all ended up meaning nothing.

    I will never forget the words of the nurse who called with the results. "Everything's normal" were the best words I ever heard. I'm tearing up now remembering. It's tough. It's incredibly tough to go through. Only my husband and best friend knew anything was going on. I have never cried like I cried when I was afraid for my child's future. And I have never been more relieved.

    I highly recommend paying the extra for the quick results from the amnio. The sooner the question is answered, for better or worse, the sooner you can start coming to terms with your reality...whatever it is.

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    I have to tell you, I had a 1 in 12 chance and scared the daylights out of me...the amnio proved otherwise..

    sorry I had to answer just because of the number you got..mine was so close.. I was 34..they base a lot on that too..

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