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What does my last name mean?

My last name is Stoiber and all that I know it is of German decent but I am unsure of what it means. The German politician Edmund Stoiber may be related to me or it may not I don't know but it would REALLY help if someone could help me. I will award best answer as soon as I hear a correct answer.

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  • granny
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    1 decade ago
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    Stoiber (German/Bavarian)= a derivative of the name Steiber= German (Swabian)

    Steiber= metonymic occupational name for a miller, from an agent derivitative of Middle-High-German,

    "stouben"= "to whip up dust"

    Stieber= (stiuben) means to escape, it was used as a nickname for "a coward/thief"

    Source(s): Ask, and you shall receive.
  • 1 decade ago

    it means taco

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