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How to fight like Jackie Chan?

I wanna fight like Jackie Chan does,so can anyone tell me how to fight like he does and what martial arts does he practice?

Was he a karate?

What is he in horoscope?

How long was he practicing karate?

What belt did Jackie Chan have in karate?

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    Karate isn't a single style of martial arts. It's a term referring to up to 50+ different styles of martial arts which originated in Okinawa.

    Jackie Chan had no martial arts background when he began acting. Every fighting style in his movies are all from the fight choreographer. He is a gymnast, an acrobat and a stunt man. Jackie Chan is not a martial artist.

    If you want to learn a specific style he portrayed in a movie, either look up who the fight choreographer was or whether or not they make mention of the style in the movie (Such as Wing Chun in Rumble in the Bronx).

    Source(s): 15+ years Goju Ryu, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Tai Chi, and Hung Gar practitioner
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    Jackie Chan studied Choy Lay Fut kung fu.

  • Anonymous
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    Jackie Chan is a stunt man....

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    Why are you fighting like Jackie Chan? You need to fight like me.

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    Acrobatics and kung fu.

    No, he never practiced karate.

    No, he is not a horoscope, he's a person.

    0 years, he never did karate.

    None, he never did karate or a martial art with a belt system.

    Source(s): my brain ;)
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    ok first off jackie chan is a fight/stunt coordinator and he is the man at what he does but if you want to see someone better than him check out tony ong bak and see if you think you want to fight like jackie chan (mixed-martial arts expert) or tony jaa (muay thai expert).

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    what are you all saying his not a martial artist,he is!

    Master Yu Jim-yuen trained him.(acrobats and martial arts), he then obtained a black belt under the grand master Jim Pal Kim, for those who think he is just a stunt man well........

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    He never did Karate.

    He is obviously not Japanese, so lets try to stick to Chinese martial arts shall we?

  • Anonymous
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    have a big camera crew and guys who flip around when you touch them

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