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How is everyone doing today? I made a friend's day with a tub of beef heart treats for her rescue IG. I swear that dog is going to turn into an icicle up here.

So an article posted yesterday got me to thinking, for those who have bred, fostered a pregnant ***** etc; "What has breeding/whelping taught you?"

Also What do you think of people who think breeding their dog(s) should be a 'family fun' learning experience? Would you possibly respect them more if they actually bothered to prepare themselves and their children for all possibilities they could see? Malformed pups and so forth.


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Update 2:

Why: And what exactly are they learning hmm? BTW I don't what dog labors you have watched but cute was far from my mind the first time I saw one at 9-10 years of age. And it certainly taught me that I would never do it for fun.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Reminds me of an episode of Full House where their golden had pups.

    I was unfortunate enough that my aunt wanted her kids to experience the miracle of birth and we just happened to be visiting at the time that her female had labor.

    She was a full bred mutt about the size of a beagle and she had 10 puppies.

    Two were dead.

    Three were malformed

    one suffocated

    and the rest wound up dying of phenomena a week later.

    Mom got infection and wound up dying later too.

    There's the miracle of life for you, as well as the miracle of death.

    The only thing it educated me on was that I did not want to have children, and that I felt very lucky to be alive.

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  • Sheri
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    10 years ago

    Good Morning Rayven, so far so good this morning, enjoying my first cup of tea and the caffeine is starting to kick in.

    What has breeding/whelping taught you?

    Over the many years of breeding I have learned tons! Extensive research is a must! There is only one reason to breed was my first lesson nearly 30 years ago and I certainly believe that. No matter how experienced and responsible a breeder is, there is always the chance that something will go wrong, as whelping is in the end left to mother nature and the experienced vet.

    What do you think of people who think breeding their dog(s) should be a 'family fun' learning experience?

    Quite honestly I think that anyone breeding their family pet is a real eye opener for all of them. The reality that breeding, whelping and the rearing of pups with or without having done research will not prepare them for what they may see. The reality of watching your b*tch suffer if complications, seeing pups die before your eyes, seeing a pup that may not have developed properly ending in deformities, finding pups smothered by the Dam, the Dam having mastitis is definitely not something they think about and definitely nothing a child should see. Most of course are regrettable yet could have been avoided but most people without having a mentor have no idea what may happen. Even some with mentors are not mentally prepared for the possible outcome. Not all of the above may happen but it is reality that it could potentially happen to anyone.

    Would you possibly respect them more if they actually bothered to prepare themselves and their children for all possibilities they could see?

    Would I respect them more? If they had done years of research, if they had at the very minimum had the genetic health testings done on their breed of choice and had an experienced mentor throughout the entire process then yes I would, with the exception of having children present.

    Absolutely nothing could prepare a child to see the negativity that comes from breeding. It definitely is not fun and games. It can be absolutely heart breaking.

    Death by whelping or after is just as educational as death by euthanasia.

    Breeding is not for the faint of heart, Breeding is not for your average Joe, Breeding is a serious business (for lack of a better word) and should be taken quite seriously as lives depend on your knowledge.

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  • ?
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    4 years ago

    Multi tasking at work. Dogs are always happy - the pink swollen spot on Jake's nose appears to be turning out to be just a boo-boo that is taking a long time to fully heal. He's had cortizone and 10 days of antibiotics... we're still keeping a close eye on it and contemplating whether a biopsy is needed. He's 1 yr old so chance of mast cell is remote. The inflammation is diminishing every day and as it recedes it looks more an more like a boo-boo and not a growth. OK - didn't expect an essay answer there did you? }:8D Legit: running, playing frisbee, dog playtime with my two next door neighbors dogs just about every day. Sometimes my guys 'assist' my wife's dogwalking gigs if she's got a client dog she thinks would benefit from some doggie company. We may start dabbling in agility.

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  • 10 years ago

    1st question

    Good Morning to all. Not is a good mood and seriously do not understand why trolls can't get over the fact that if you ask a question you might get some answers you don't agree with, grow up or seek professional help.

    Second part which makes it DOG RELATED

    I would love to have your recipe for the beef heart treats. My dogs are patiently waiting for that cooler weather

    Legitimate Answer 1

    I took in one pregnant female Rott. a few years ago, she had 8 pups and it reinforced for me why I never got into breeding. I was scared out of my mind through the actual birth and for 3 weeks after. Thank gawd she was a great mom and the pups were fat and healthy ( I was still glad to see those little bundles of energy and poop leave) I have always had males and the few times that I bred them, the whole experience was always pretty easy for me, or them.

    Legitimate Answer 2

    I don't understand the "family fun" thing, if I had kids I would want to shield them from the having puppies that die, malformed or if the Mom is not good.

    Legitimate Answer 3

    You can prepare all you want but seeing it is a whole other thing.

    Emily---Oh course you are welcome to your opinion but keep in mind you are calling people with 20+ years of experience idiots. We should also be able to post our answers without being called names

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  • Good morning..he sun came out shining finally so that always cheres me up. It's tick season though, especially after the rain, so even though I love warm weather I'm looking forward to colder.

    Your dog related q reminded me of a q I saw last night, someone asked for help with her pregnant chihuahua mix (with something that's prone to bradycephalis (i think)) anyway she said because she had experience whelping a pug, and got throughthat ok, this was ok for her to breed the dog she "loves so much" What I think of those people isn't pretty. I don't even think these puppies are pretty..I mean seriously why is a "chiweenie" cute? Why is a little "toy maltipoo" cute??? Are they really or is this just because I hate BYB so much I can't see it! But they look like ugly stuffed dogs and not into that.

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  • 10 years ago

    I am still sick, but I am better than yesterday at least. I was a zombie yesterday, I can breathe out my nose now yay lol.

    I think those who think it is a family fun situation, are sick and need to wake the hell up, obviously living in some kind of fantesy world where no puppy dies. Geez if only they saw the horrors they won't think it was fun anymore. I mean you can't really know the joys of breeding till you have experienced the heartbreak. I have lost a pup to pnuemonia from aspirated milk, how is that fun?

    Would I respect them more? Not until they did it responsible, we all know what that is so no need to go into details. (plus I don't feel like it).

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  • 10 years ago

    I took in and adopted a pregnant female and she gave birth to 4 puppies..It was the hardest thing I ever went thru and I swear I did'nt sleep a day till they were older and stopped their whining..The female was an 11 mo old puppy mill dog and I wanted to make sure she had no problems and that the pups were taken care of and thats where I came in,she was young.I had to make sure always that the pups were getting their fair share and that she was'nt hurting them.Than having to feed 1 at a time their mushy puppy food as 1 was so small that they did'nt think he was gonna make it,so I really worked with this one.I would nevere ever do this again..

    I think people are STUPID when they want a learning experience..I never wanted it,never wanted to see it and would never wish it upon anyone..

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  • 10 years ago

    Today is not a good day. I have a lot to do, and I'm looking forward to none of it.

    I've never had to deal with a pregnant b*tch, thank goodness. But I live in the middle of farm country -- I've seen/worked with enough pregnant farm cats/kittens to last me a lifetime.

    I won't say it's a totally dark experience--when it goes well (if it goes well) it can actually be kind of magical, as long as you push the idea of overpopulation to the back of you head. Kind of like when a new calf is born -- very magical, as long as you don't think about what may happen to that calf later down the line.

    However, when it doesn't go right -- and I've seen my share of this too, it's a very dark and depressing thing.

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  • Stace
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    10 years ago

    I had a friend who fostered a pregnant stray that some teens found and brought to the shelter... and man they grew fast! She even had ELEVEN puppies (lab/rottie mixes)!!!

    But I don't think it's a good reason for parents to not spay their bi*** just so their kids can learn 'the miracle of life'. If they want to see this, go to a reputable breeder, watch it online, or go visit some shelter pups. They just have to add to the overpopulation?

    And yes you are right, how do they know this will 'help' the kids 'learn'?

    Oh, and yesterday on craigslist, I saw an ad for a 'teacup morkichi'...

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  • 10 years ago

    Many years ago there was a special on PBS on animal shelters. It was not sugar coated and very graphic. I think it should be re-aired periodically on every TV station.

    In an interview with an employee "reasons" people dump pets in shelters were discussed. One was:

    "A lady came in with a cat and her kittens. She said she wanted her children to experience the miracle of birth. I told her to come back in 10 days and her children could experience the miracle of death."

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