Wouldn't it be funny if the GOP plan for 2010 elections failed?

The GOP did not want a Republican to win the 2008 presidential elections as they knew it was going to take a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of unpopular decisions to fix the mess left by Bush and Cheney (under Karl Roves guidance). The GOP felt it best to let the Democrats take on the massive and difficult job of fixing the mess. The GOP would do everything they could during 2009 and 2010 to see the Democratic president and senate failed. That would make it easy for the GOP to take over the congress and senate in 2011.

Wouldn't it be funny if it did not work and the GOP failed to win the seats they expect? They would then be tasked with fixing the problems Bush, Cheney and Rove left behind. They will then have to support the hard and unpopular decisions needed to fix the problems, spend the money it will take to fix the problems including paying of the billions and billions of dollars Bush borrowed from other countries; he never repaid it or the interest due on it. That money is now part of our national debt that the Democratic Administration is being blamed for. Had McCain, or any other Republican, won the election the borrowed money and interest would still have to be paid off and would still be a part of our national debt,

Will it be funny to see the GOP plan turn on them and they end up having to fix the problems anyway?

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    I think your premise misses the point: The GOP will not "fix" the problems. They created the "problems." What appear to be problems to regular working people are opportunities for the super-wealthy and large corporations. When the government is crippled, those with money and power can increase their wealth and power. The GOP caters to these groups. The GOP has been effectively crippling the government for the past 30 years, while the masses have been distracted by the American Dream propaganda touted by the GOP. While we all pursue the idea of creating wealth and prosperity for ourselves and our families, the policies instituted by the Republicans have been favoring corporations that have no loyalty to the United States or its principles. The GOP sabotaged the country while they were in power. They've continued to sabotage the country as a minority party. If put back in power, the till continue the course they've set.

  • You're right. W made a mess by signing bills constructed by the democrat congress of which, Reid, Pelosi and obama were all members. Also, McCain was a poor candidate, but it turned out that obama was a worse president than John could ever have thought of being.

    We know the 2008 elections yielded failed leadership.

    The democrats will lose power as of Jan. 2011. It's a given.

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    I do not think the Democrats will be able to retain the seats they need to maintain any strength in either house. They worked hard and fought two battles; one in trying to fix the problems left behind by Bush and the other fighting the Republican party who spent their entire time doing what they could to see noting succeeded. Had the Republicans worked to help fix the problems we would be better off and both parties could say they did their best. As it is the Democrats can take pride in getting done what they did under the constant barrage of the GOPs attacks. I am not sue there is any pride to be had in seeing failure but the GOP can say they succeeded in their efforts to see Obama did not get much done.

    I believe, as you have pointed out, the Republicans did not want to win the 2008 elections and they will and have done everything they can do to see the Democrats do not get back in office.

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    I don't think the condition of this country is funny. With brilliant mind you would think the current administration could get a handle on the HIGH unemployment.

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  • 9 years ago

    Funny? I hope you don't tell this joke at parties coz its really not. Funny is something that makes you laugh. Will that make you laugh if you will, then I hope you get a real sense of humor.

    Source(s): By the way, im not an american so i have no idea what you're talking about. I do know what funny is.. politics is never funny.
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