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Residency in Ecuador?

Is it still true that purchasing a property worth $25,000+ in Ecuador is the only requirement for residency? If we are granted residency, is it permenant and are we permited to work in the country?

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    Yes that's basically the requirement for a visa as an investor. But in talking to a representative at the Ecuador Consulate in Minneapolis it also seems you need to live in Ecuador for a period of time to prove your intent to live there permanently. So this may involve getting a six month non-resident visa first and then switching to the Investor visa after a period of time in Ecuador.

    The residency should be permanent, but may hinge on your continuing to hold property in Ecuador. You should also be able to work.

    It's extremely helpful to speak directly with someone at an Ecuadorian Consulate for all the details. I've found lots of conflicting info online.

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