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im looking for a book about a black girl who had plans to lose her virginity to her boyfriend...?

...but she was raped

a black girl who plans to lose her virginity to her boyfriend but she goes home to take a bath and her mom comes home and she get raped because of her mom drama

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Kelly Jenkins (Wild Cards)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Kelly Jenkins is a character from the Wild Cards series of books. Briefly appearing in One-Eyed Jacks, Kelly became a more prominent character in Jokertown Shuffle and Double Solitaire. A small town girl, she came to New York with dreams of becoming famous. Instead, after several days on the street, she fell in with a young man named David Butler and the gang of juvenile delinquents that would eventually come to be known as the Jumpers. One of several wannabes awaiting initiation by the ace known as Prime, Kelly never received the jumper gift to exchange bodies with their victim. Instead, she fell prey to another jumper's capricious use of their nearly unstoppable power.


    Born in Atoka, Oklahoma, USA, Kelly Ann Jenkins was an attractive young girl with dreams of becoming a famous model/actress. In her sophomore year of high school she ran away from home, taking a bus to New York City, envisioning her future triumphant return. Reality was much crueler than her daydreams. Living on the streets, dodging come-ons from pimps and other unsavory city dwellers, Kelly finally broke down and placed a collect call to her family. Her father refused to accept the charges. Destitute and alone, Kelly's blossoming beauty attracted the eye of David Butler. The handsome protege of "Loophole" Latham, Butler was an intern with the Latham-Strauss law firm by day and leader of an emerging wild card gang known as the Jumpers by night. Taken under David's wing, Kelly's dreams seemed to suddenly come true. Her new friends blithely used their powers to gain access to the upermost circles of wealth and privilege. Limosine rides, expensive hotel rooms, and champagne dinners were all paid for with the money of jumped businessmen. Infatuated with David and hoping to one day obtain the body-switching powers that made all this possible, Kelly's only distinction from several other wannabe-jumpers was David's protection. All that changed when David was suddenly killed by the joker vigilante known as the Oddity. Bereft of her protector and without any powers of her own, Kelly was just a pretty Nat girl surrounded by Wild Card criminals.

  • 1 decade ago

    sounds like um flyy girl by omar tyree!!

  • 1 decade ago

    sounds like the biography of any pornstar

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