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eating asked in 社會及文化語言 · 10 years ago


Passive voice :Future Continuous

e.g. At 5:30pm tomorrow, He home will be walking by he , and will reach home at about 6:00pm.

e.g. All day will sleeping by my, please do not call me.

以上兩題都係我自己做 岩唔岩!??

可唔可以 出 2~3 題ga

Passive voice :Future Continuous

e.g 睇下

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  • ma
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    10 years ago
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    第一句該是He will be walking home by himself, ... (他一個人獨自步行回家)。Home 在句中是特有的用法,是個adverb副詞。由於主語是 he,所以by him要寫成by himself,要用reflexive pronoun而非objective pronoun。

    第二句的意思很奇怪,"All day I will be sleeping by myself" ,為何要加上by myself?難道你又想說「獨自」?

    Future continuous passive voice 跟平常passive voice的句子一樣,只是用上future continuous的時態吧了。由於future continuous passive voice牽及be being (shall/will be = future, shall/will be being = future continuous),所以這是用法不多。除非真的沒法子不用,否則通常都會是Present passive voice代替。

    In two hours, John will still be filming his documentary.

    In two hours, John's documentary will still be being filmed.

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  • 10 years ago

    Future Continuous 好少有passive voice , 甚至d教科書會話冇

    D grammar錯!~

    He home will be walking by he<<<???

    All day will sleeping by my<<<????

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