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i can help you achieve ......

下面的句子對嗎? 在其他文章找出來.

I can help you achieve proficiency in your oral English.

help 是 Verb, achieve 也是verb



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    I can help you achieve proficiency in your oral English. (correct)


    We usually put to before the infinitive (e.g. I want to know.) But we use infinitive without to in some cases.

    Certain verbs are followed by object + infinitive without to. They include let, help, make, see, hear, feel, watch and notice.

    Let him go.

    I make him do it.

    Help me unload the car.

    I saw him drive off.

    I heard him lock the door.

    Did you feel the earth move?

    In passive versions of these structures (with make, see, hear, help and know) the "infinitive with to" is used.

    He was made to pay back the money.

    She was seen to enter the office.

    He was heard to say that …..

    Let takes the bare infinitive (infinitive without to) in both active and passive. But let in the passive is often replaced by another verb.

    They let me know…… would be replaced in the passive by I was told….

    They let him see the documents by He was allowed to see the documents.

    Source(s): Oxford Grammar textbooks
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    [I can help you achieve proficiency in your oral English.]

    你說得對。一句不可以有兩個 verbs (clauses 另計]。不過,在這句,[help] 是 verb,[achieve] 不是 verb, 而是 a bare infinitive (an infinitive without "to").Infinitive 是 verbal, 由 verb 形成, 但作用不是 verb, 而是 adverb, adjective, 或 noun。

    在這句 (to) achieve 這個 infinitive 的作用是 adjective, 去形容個 noun (you)。

    Source(s): my past learning
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    In the sentence, 'I can help you achieve proficiency in your oral English.'

    'help' is verb, 需要轉tense時態, and

    'achieve' is infinitive form of a verb, verb的最基本形態.

    The structure of the above sentence is like "I like to play football."

    'like' is verb, 需要轉tense時態, and

    'play' is to-infinitive form of a verb, to+verb的最基本形態.

    兩句分別在 infivitive 同 to-infinitive,

    後一句從小學便經常寫,非常熟識,而實際上 to-infinitive 的那種結構是較常出現,例如

    I 'want' to 'go' to school.

    I 'study' to 'achieve' my goal.

    這是因為大部分 verb 後面都只可以配 to-infinitive form of verb,

    不可以跟 infinitive form of verb.

    只有例如 help, let 等的後面可以配infinitive form of verb,例如

    Please 'let' me 'go'.

    Teachers 'help' me 'become' a great man.

    ^^Hope that it helps!

    Source(s): Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's English Dictionary
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