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Is military school only for "bad" kids?

Ok, before you go all, wtf do you want to be in military school for?, lemme clear things up. Trust me, if you knew me, I'm a born soldier.Not even kidding. I have a cold heart, I'm avg strength. And thats the only thing I wanna do. Is military school JUST for "troubled" kids, or are there kids like me, who just want to go to a school where fitting in doesn't matter, who want training and discipline for later life?

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    No, military school is not just for "troubled kids". Just like there are different educational perspectives across different non-military schools, there are also different perspectives acrossthe wide number of different military schools. The very best are basically military acdemy prep schools with a well-rounded, college prep program, plus a demanding physical program, plus additional work in military leadership, history, and culturalization. This type of a program is very demanding and of course the discipline that is ingrained upon the students for "military puposes" is also a requirement for the high achievement expected. Then, there are military schools that are basicially juvenile boot-camp and everything inbetween.

    If you honestly want to join one of the branches of the military in the future, you might want to talk to a couple fo recruiters. They will be able to tell you what the basic, minium requirements for their service branch. This will help you stay out of/away from the pitfalls that preclude some from service. And, it will help you prepare yourself in your school course work. Better yet, the more you know about the "language of the military" and any sort of Federal government program before you are actually signing contracts with them, the better off you will be. Ideally, one or more of the recruiters will help direct you towards a military career path that includes something besides being "cannon fodder".

    From a recruiter, you should be able to get some information about the assorted "placement tests". If not, do check in with a local librarian. The assorted tests you take upon signing up with the military are just as critical as the PSAT and SAT; actually more so because they can mean the difference between life and death, a 4 year hitch or a life-time career. A recruiter may be able to find some information about different military schools in the country with respect to graduate pl;acement in the military. They may also be able to direct you to a ROTC or even a pre-ROTC program in your area.

    Your question speaks of a "cold heart" and "going to a school where fitting in doesn't matter". It sounds as if there may be something(s) going on more than just the desire for a military career. To begin with, depending upon what type and/how you have a cold heart, you may not find that a full fledged military career is for you. At all levels, it is critical that each person bonds with those around them. Leaders at all levels know that in order to have the support of peers, subordinates, and superiors; in turn, they must support those about them, below them, and above them. Even if you don't end up in military school, you might want to check in with a couple of recruiters, from a couple of different military branches, about pre-ROTC or ROTC opportunities in your community.

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    Military School For Bad Kids

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    Military school is a great place to go if you want to be in the military. While yes, the majority of kids are troubled, that is not the case for all of them. Depending on where you go it can be very expensive. Its a great way to get a head start. You can become an officer at graduation if you work hard. You will be among many problem children, but you will stick you if you are not one and can really excell.

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    No, I joined it because I wanted to join the military

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    No. It's either for "Bad" parents who can't cope with their kids and want to get them out of the way. OR it's for kids who have been brainwashed by the military ads into thinking that getting shot at is the only way to prove they're patriotic/brave/manly or can get a job/go to college.

    You don't need to join an organization that'll ship you overseas to get blown up, just to learn discipline and training. Try martial arts!

    My bro-in-law is an Army Ranger and initially was all gung-ho. Sure he can kill somebody in his sleep, but after 2 tours in Iraq, he's now partially deaf, had severe PTSD and can't sleep. He watched good friends get blown up in front of him and was severely wounded from the percussion of a few explosions. And THAT is just the stuff he told us about. DON'T DO IT!

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    No it isn't just for bad kids.

    However, having a cold heart is not always a good thing especially when you follow orders without hesitation or asking questions and ending up serving a life sentence for obeying an order that get's you into trouble.Look at Oliver North, look at the Nazis soldiers who were "just following orders",many of them were executed for the heartless things they did.So think long and hard son.Next you will be MADE to "fit in".

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    Military school is a great choice for anyone who wants structure and discipline, and who wants to be pushed to better themselves as a person. My cousin went to military school because he wanted to, because that's the life he chose for himself. Today, he's 21 years old and an officer on the Civil Air Patrol. He flew his first helicopter solo at the age of 18. He loves it. If you're dedicated, you'll love it too. Congratulations on being so mature at such a young age. I hope you enroll and do your best!

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    having a cold heart wont make you a good soldier

    military school is for anyone who wants to go. it is used for bad kid because the parents dont want to have to deal with their kids behavior problems and would prefer get someone else to do it for them

  • 4 years ago

    this type of school is for bad kids

  • Anonymous
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    Well maybe when your 17 you can join the marines or the army

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