San fransisco to tahoe transport question?

san fransisco to tahoe in winter chains needed?

HI we are hiring a car (probably a chevrolet express 8 people) at san fransisco

and driving to tahoe well more so squaw valley to be exact, my problem is with

regards to chains etc, can i expect to need chains to get to say truckee or lake

tahoe I believe that squaw runs a shuttle to and from these locations in winter,

we are staying at squaw overnight so I was thinking if we leave the car in one

of the shuttle locations?

alternatively do I purchase chains from walmart and drive to squaw? what would

the cost for that be roughly?

anyone have an alternative?

the plan is arrive at SFO 330pm - drive to squaw

leave Squaw next day at 430pm

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    Whether or not you'll need chains will depend on the weather and road conditions at the time. If it's snowy, you will need chains to get to either Truckee or Lake Tahoe since both of those destinations require going over a mountain pass. The only time you would never need chains would be if your car has 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive with tires rated for mud and snow (M+S).

    If the weather is clear, you wont need chains on any car. Problem is that the weather in the Lake Tahoe area can change on a dime - one minute you're fine and the next minute you could be driving in a storm. It's safer if you have chains - get them once you pick up the car so you know what size the tires are - they will cost you between $30 and $50. Or just rent a large 4 wheel drive SUV.

    If you arrive at 3:30pm to SFO on a friday, expect at least a 5 hour drive - more with bad weather. If it's mid week the drive should be an hour shorter.

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    Well I would suggest you to buy chains from walmart as it is better to have it rather than not having it when you need it. You can sell it later on your way back. As not choosing them would be testing your luck as there might be situation where you might need them or might not. Also don't go for any simple car( don't know much about chevrolet you are planning to hire). Go for powerful car that will certainly be a four way drive. You can book your car online on cheap affordable price with many options of cars that you can avail at . Here they will offer you best of service at cheap rates.

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    I love BOTH!!! Im 28 and live in Scotland, UK and for the past 4 years my boyfriend and I have spent our 3 week vacation staying in San Francisco and driven down to San Diego. The road trip is fabulous, and i always find masses to do in both cities. It is true San Diego is warmer, but both have great climate (especially compared to the unpredictable Scottish summers) Id say the San Francisco attractions can be done repeatedly year after year, while i would not want to go to the likes of sea world more then once. Both have fantastic restaurants and bars and both are supper friendly. My only dilemma is knowing which Baseball team to support while im there. I love, love, love them both!! But at 17 you would probably do better in San Diego, i suppose, as drinking is out of the question.

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    I don't know about the chevrolet express, but I would buy the chins from Walmart. If you don't use them you can return them. It would be better to have them then not. If you buy chains on the side of the road they will be VERY expensive. Most days don't require chains.

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    I'm not sure if the Chevy Express is a 4-wheel drive but if it is you should be fine. If you hit a really heavy storm they might make you put chains on even if you have a 4-wheel drive, but that is unlikely.

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    Why are flying to SFO if your destination is Lake Tahoe? Why not fly into Sacramento and drive toTahoe from there or fly direct to Tahoe?

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