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mnm asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 10 years ago

In weak hydrogen bonds, which atoms share the hydrogen and other bio questions?

Do you know any of the questions below?

which atoms share the hydrogen in a weak hydrogen bond

how do chemical structures and physical properties of phospholipids and cellulose relate to their functions in cell?

what is denaturing and why is it a problem with proteins?

what is the formula for a oligosaccharide?

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  • 10 years ago
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    In a hydrogen bond, whichever other atoms are attracted to the hydrogen, usually just one because hydrogen only has two bonding sites for covalent electrons, will share a hydrogen bond. In the case of water molecules, hydrogen bonding is formed by the polar attraction from a negative oxygen to a positive hydrogen on two separate molecules.

    Phospholipids are made of a polar head and a non-polar tail, which dictates the double layer membrane to insulate the tails from polar solutions inside and outside the cell. Their flexibility and fluidity enable the membrane to constantly shift and adjust to the surroundings. Cellulose is made of more rigid starch chains, so it makes it harder to adjust and change.

    Denaturing is when a protein polypeptide chain unravels and the protein can no longer function. Things such as too much heat, very acidic or basic solutions, or physical shaking will break the weak bonds between segments of the chain which hold the protein in its shape. Non-functioning proteins obviously aren't very helpful to the cell.

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