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how did hinduism spread though asia?

im having trouble in my AP world history class

and i have to write 2 paragraphs on this for homeowrk and

all i know is that it spread though trade

i really need help with the details and help would be much appreciated

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    dear..... hinduism not a religion .it is the simplest way of living in the where ever the human is living and who is believing in simple living naturally matter which religion he/she belongs to......................he/she is a hindu human.actually the religion is "snaatan" that directly belongs to the supreme (GOD) THAT IS WHY IN SANSKRIT WE CALL HIM "SNAATAN PRUSH".hinduism is the follower of SNAATAN PRUSH or in other words "snaatan religion" naturally .........that is why the world gave that name to the people who are living in INDIA including pakistan/bangladesh and srilanka and in old times a part of indonesia also .the world call these people "hindus".because they were established on the bank of the river "SINDHU" that is in pakistan in these days. from the name of sindhu civilization it become hindu. so better you see for the complete answer in "sindhu vally civilization". thanks.

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    First, hinduism never spread through asia, it's not a reliigion you can convert to, it started as a way of life and the people who were later called hindus populated India, then part of south east asia which adopted some of their beliefs but weren't hindus.

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    Hindu merchants and others carried Hinduism to Indonesia and Khmer Cambodia/ Cham Vietnam, especially during the Gupta Period

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    it didn't spread the world. everyone was once hindu. then they were converted by force, wish or pleasure. you cant convert to hinduism. you can only follow its. and its aint no religion. i

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    I do know that Hindus differentiated by castes and so separation of the classes helped to fuel the idea of that aspect of Hinduism

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