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How many country singers are from the north?

im working on a project and i need to know how many country singers are from the north. i need it for statistics to compare. thank you so much!

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    Because you didn't ask for the "non-south" musicians (e.g., the ones from the Midwest or the west coast), I've limited this list to (a) north of the Mason-Dixon line, (b) Canadians, or (c) states that border Canada.

    Steve Ripley (Tractors) - Idaho

    Holly Tashian - New York

    Amanda Wilkinson - Ontario, Canada

    Stu Phillips - Quebec, Canada

    Stephanie Davis - Montana

    Jim Ibbottson (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) - Pennsylvania

    Jack Scott - Ontario, Canada

    Clint Black - New Jersey

    Anita Cochran - Michigan

    Lorne Greene - Ontario, Canada

    Gene Pitney - Connecticut

    Juice Newton - New Jersey

    Kathie Baillie (Baillie and the Boys) - New Jersey

    Claire Lynch - New York

    Mary-Chapin Carpenter - New Jersey

    John Duffey - Washington DC

    Jimmy Dormire (Confederate Railroad) - Michigan

    Liz Anderson - Minnesota

    Jerry Jeff Walker - New York

    Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel) - Pennsylvania

    Stan Thorn (Shenandoah) - Wisconsin

    Ronnie McCoury - Pennsylvania

    Dick Curless - Maine

    Tommy Hunter - Ontario, Canada

    David Grisman - New Jersey

    Bonnie Guitar - Washington state

    Michael Bonagura (Baillie and the Boys) - New Jersey

    Cy Coben - New Jersey

    June Stearns - New York

    Judy Lynn - Idaho

    Robert Ellis Orell - Massachusetts

    Roni Stoneman - Washington DC

    Jack Blanchard - New York

    Hank Snow - Nova Scotia, Canada

    Mark Herndon (Alabama) - Massachusetts

    Misty Morgan - New York

    Mike Reid - Pennsylvania

    Fred LeBour (Riders in the Sky) - Michigan

    Hal "Lone" Pine - Maine

    Les Paul - Wisconsin

    Jud Strunk - New York

    Howard Vokes - Pennsylvania

    Anne Murray - Nova Scotia, Canada

    Rosalie Allen - Pennsylvania

    Jeannie Seely - Pennsylvania

    Jeff Hanna (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) - Michigan

    Margaret Whiting - Michigan

    Walter Brennan - Massachusetts

    Terri Clark - Quebec, Canada

    Lynn Anderson - North Dakota

    Harlan Howard - Michigan

    Kieran Kane - New York

    Lacy J. Dalton - Pennsylvania

    Gordon Lightfoot - Ontario, Canada

    Eddie Rabbitt - New York

    J.D. Souther - Michigan

    Glenn Frey (Eagles) - Michigan

    Pat Severs (Pirates of the Mississippi) - New York

    Wilf Carter - Nova Scotia, Canada

    Ronnie Prophet - Quebec, Canada

    Rose Lee Maphis - Maryland

    Paul Gregg (Restless Heart) - New York

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    Dick Curless was from Maine. Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys was born in Philadelphia. Too Slim of Riders in the Sky was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bobby Bare, Cowboy Copas, David Allan Coe, Diamond Rio's Marty Roe, Roy Rogers, and Connie Smith were all born in Ohio. Crystal Gayle was born in Indiana. Pee Wee King and Dave Dudley were born in Wisconsin. Most of the members of the Johnson Mountain Boys are from Maryland. Paulette Carlson of Highway 101 is from Minnesota. Juice Newton is from New Jersey originally. Danny Davis (of the Nashville Brass and also a producer of many, including Waylon Jennings) was from Massachusetts. Hank Snow, Anne Murray, the Sons of the Pioneers' Bob Nolan, and Montana Slim all hail from Canada. I'm sorry, what was the question again?

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How many country singers are from the north?

    im working on a project and i need to know how many country singers are from the north. i need it for statistics to compare. thank you so much!

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    Nice comprehensive list. Dick Curless and Hank Snow are classic old New England and Maritimes Country singers. Can add John Lincoln Wright from Boston

    Bill Staines -is country acoustic singer and world yodeling champion--from Massachusetts also.

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    Famous Musicians From Pennsylvania

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    Just to name a few that are from the north: Shania Twain, Hank Snow (both from Canada)Marvin Rainwater (Minnisota) Dave Dudley (also from MN I think) Tayler Swift is from PA if I remember correctly. Gretchen Wilson is from IL and there are probably many more.

    Source(s): I am a Country music historian
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  • 10 years ago

    Shania Twain is from Canada. That's really north.

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    Dierks Bentley is from Phoenix, Arizona


    not the north but im going with the other person who said the non southern people

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