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How to get his attention by Appereance?

Please this is so so important:

I need I Ideas for Hairstyles that are curly.



Act around him and his friends, Perfume, Back pack, Shoes ETc

Anything else you can think of....

Plz don't say they don't care about your clothes and hair just help me cause if someone mentions that on here I will get sooooo Pissed. And whoever gets best answer I will write you back on E-mail and ask you if you think he likes me or not (: Thanks and again please just answer the questions.

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    I'll be happy to help;

    It depends on how curly your hair actually is, and what style you're really into.

    You can tame it; and use a curling iron to get these hair styles <3

    and thats just a couple simple ideas.

    Whats really in right now that I think are really cute ..





    off the shoulder shirts

    long shirts with belts


    you can go with cute necklaces,

    and the basic bracelets and rings . <3

    i absolutely love my jennifer lopez and britney spears perfume and i think it's great <3

    bags i think are cute, are the backpacks that can actually be a purse :)

    how to act around his friends;

    just be yourself :)

    get to know them,

    and pick out things you all share in common so you can build on that.

    Good Luck <3

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  • 9 years ago

    That sounds completely mad. Just be yourself. Not all guys are the same, you know. They don't all like some special perfume or clothes, nor does random jewelry and back automatically look good on any girl. How to act around him and his friends? Just be yourself. You want to get him to like you and not a girl someone on Yahoo Answers made up. If he came to like 'you', would you just keep up the act or suddenly change? Neither would work properly.

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  • 9 years ago

    Hair style:

    -ok i have curly hair and i usually gel it and leave it down. if you are feeling cute put it up in a pony tail with a braid on the side. or gel it and put it into loose pigtails


    -Cardigans w/ vneck

    -low cut shirt (id advise not, ur dont wanna look like a slut)


    -skinny jeans

    -flats or sandals

    -if u wanna be stupid you can were a seethough shirt....ew.

    stores: american eagle, urban outfitters, forever21, hollister, ect.

    Perfume:nothing to strong they like vanilla smells

    Backpack:messager bag, or get a guy backpack

    -act natural be nice (not creepy nice) if u r gonna offer somthin (gum) offer it to other ppl (dont b obivious)

    Source(s): my brain:)
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  • 9 years ago

    it's "so so important" to get a guy to notice you physically? well you're desperate on top of shallow, I'm sorry to say. that will only get you bad guys instead of right ones, and they won't treat you as anythign but something to look at. just dress nice as you probly normally do. I also can't believe you're asking how to act around him and his friends. what do his friends have to do with anything? You trying to turn THEM on too?

    If he liked YOU, not your appearance, you wouldn't need to be asking this.

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  • don't stare at him, talk to everybody else and make contact with everybody else around him.

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