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Blonde Hair Guy & Brunette Girl = Baby hair color?

Ok so lets say the mother has medium to dark brown hair, fair skin and light brown eyes.

The father has blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

What is the likeliness of the baby being a blonde hair blue eyed baby?

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    Brown hair and brown eyes are both dominant traits, so both of those are more likely. I'm trying to remember from when I studied the basics of genetics in school. I think the blue eyes would be a 1 in 4 chance. Same with the blond hair. But it's possible! I'm the brown eyed brown haired mommy with the blue eyed husband... and the blue eyed baby. =)

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    I'm blond with a dark haired husband. We have two blonds- one a very light almost white blond, the other a bit more honey blond. The third child has light brown hair with red highlights. Hair color is determined by multiple genes, not just singular ones passed on from each parent. Therefore there can be many different variations of hair color, and it almost doesn't matter what color the parents hair is (my parents are both dark, and had three blonds, one brunette). Eye color is a bit more singular gene specific. Blue eyes are recessive. For a child to have blue eyes, it would need to inherit a blue gene from each parent. A blue eyed parent can only pass on blue genes, while a brown eyed parent may have brown and/or blue eye genes, and could pass on either.

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    Well, it really depends on the mother's genotype. Her phenotype (meaning the traits that are displayed) contains brown hair and brown eyes. Both of these traits, especially hair color, are more complicated traits than some and therefore it is more difficult to predict the traits that will be exhibited by the descendants.

    Does the mother have any family members with blonde hair or blue eyes? They do not have to be parents or even grandparents, but one probably needs to exist sometime recently in her lineage. If there are no known members of the mother's family with these traits, then it is not very likely that the child will have them. However, if a family member does have these traits, it is possible that the mother may carry the genes for blonde hair and blue eyes. Brown hair and brown eyes are dominant, which means that even though the mother does not have blonde hair or blue eyes, she could still have these genes hidden in her genotype and they could be passed on.

    As I said before, these traits are difficult to predict in humans, but if the same predictions were made for rabbits, for example, and if the mother carried the gene for both blonde hair and blue eyes, the chance that the baby would have both blonde hair and blue eyes would be 1 in 4.

    Hope this helps!

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    Blonde Hair Guy

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    Baby Hair Color Predictor

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    It is more than what the parents look like. I mean if we're only going with that, brunette and brown eyes are the dominant traits; but it's also about the entire genetic coding of the parents and their grandparents and great grandparents etc. I have a friend whose 7 times great grandmother had red hair and everyone else in her family had shades of brown (both sides) and she ended up with reddish blond hair.

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    blue eyes is a recessive trait, so unless the mother has a blue eyed relative, the baby will not be blue eyed. The same goes for the blonde hair

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    I agree with everyone else. Both of my parents have dark brown hair and my mom has brown eyes and my dad has green. I was the only one in my family with blond hair and blue eyes. Both of my sisters have brown hair and eyes. I'm the middle child.

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    The possibility of him/her having blonde hair is medium.

    Blue eyes are not possible. For a baby to have blue eyes either the mother or both parents have to have blue eyes.

    Wrong section btw.


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    As for Becky's answer, both parents or one parent doesn't have to have blue eyes for their child to have blue eyes. I have dark brown, almost black eyes, and my fiance has hazel... my father and his father have very light blue eyes and blond hair. My daughter's eyes are the same very light blue as my father's and grandfather's are. They've only gotten lighter as she's gotten older. So seeing as the father has blue eyes, your child very well could have blue eyes also. As for the blond hair, I don't know. It all depends on genetics of both families.

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