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What is the best ar-15?

What is the most accurate ar-15 on the market?And what is the most accurate for about $800-$900?

Don't mention building your own,that seems like alot of work when you could pay the extra $100 for it built.

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    The term "best" is really subject to opinion but I will say it's going to cost you about double what you got allotted for your AR15 purchase. In my opinion you're going to need at least 1,200.00 to get in what some would consider a Tier one AR15 bracket. I really hate using the term tier one but in this case it helps illustrates what I'm trying to say. Now this doesn't mean that lower tiered AR15s isn't good, DPMS and Bushmaster for example makes a decent rifle. The difference is build process and materials. Colt, S&W, BCM, and Danial Defense for example will shot peen and pressure test their AR15 bolts while DPMS and Bushmaster want. So if you got the coin, try for something like a Colt, LMT, Danial Defense, S&W etc.

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    I asked a similar question on a gun forum, as I haven't bought an AR15 since my Colt in 1990, and was bombarded with answers.

    For under $1000, there's Bushmaster, DPMS, Spikes, and the others mentioned. The S&W MP15's are a good deal right now, with the $100 rebate. They're very good quality.

    I wound up going with a BCM, which was a bit over $1000, and that didn't include a hand guard or sights.

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    Company doesn't usually matter as most companies make a quality product.

    BTW, building an AR isn't as hard as you think. It took me less than an hour to put together my lower. Building one helps you understand how it functions and you will be better acquainted with the rifle.

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    Bushmaster, Rock River, DPMS are definitely the most popular names in that price range. Rock river has all steel internals, Bushmaster uses some polymers, but in all reality I don't think that affects reliability. start with any of those platforms and as you learn more they are very reliable to build off of. Trigger upgrades and Free floated barrel are going to improve accuracy the most, also a reliable optic is necessary but even a great optic wont make you a better shot unless you put in the time for learning proper trigger control and breathing.

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    I like my Bushmaster XM-15E2S with its H-BAR heavy barrel.

    Contrary to what some people think, it does not have polymer parts in the fire control group.

    For under $1,000 dollars, I suggest Bushmaster or DPMS. Personally, I prefer having a chrome-lined barrel.

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    So your going to pay $1000? OK. I would say spikes. Your getting better quality than DPMS and bushmaster without paying much more.

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  • In my experience DPMS makes the best AR platform. But also keep in mind that you'll never get the rifle exactly the way you want it unless it's custom built.

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