WALL STREET questions...?!?

I want to work on Wall Street in the future,

currently I am attempting to apply to Stern Business School for Fall 2011 and Columbia's Business school.. (any TIPS or advice??)

*** List of jobs on wall street basically? with a small definition or not even a definition i am just unsure what type of finance job i would like to pursue

THANKYOU, please email me if you could be of more help!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are far too many positions on Wall St to list them all... What are you interested in? Investment banking? Trading? Asset Management? Hedge funds? Private equity? The list goes on and on. On top of that do you want to work in a front office roll, dealing with clients or more in the back modeling and doing research? Simply using Google will help you answer most of these questions, and after that you will get a feel for what part of finance you would be happiest in. You've got lots of time to figure it out, so right now I would be worried about getting into the schools you listed, then getting great grades. After all that you can nail down the specifics of what position you want. Good luck!

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