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bjj grappling - why do sweaty men love to grapple with?

some sweaty men, is that some kinda fetish, they can't disclose their fondness of men that they prefer to do it by grappling with them?

Please explain, what makes bjj click with men against men hugging and almost kissing each other...


@Michael, that was funny! I imagine they enjoy having their face under another man's crotch for minutes while trying to get out of the lock. I wonder what infectious skin diseases they can get out of that...

@frank, your answer is nonsense. My question has valid argument, and I've seen all your answers are PURELY nonsense, just for points reason as well!

Update 2:

@husky ninja, so that sort of confirms my suspicion, that most of them have gay feelings, because you said you get a hard on when you're doing arm bar with men. Do you touch men sensually while they don't notice it? It's okay to say you're gay, don't worry about your sexuality, that's normal...

Update 3:

@dr.mcninja, contact sports have muay thai and karate, do you see them hugging each other while sweating, and having their face in another man's crotch?

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    It is a fun and in your face type of sport/MA. They are not confused about their sexual orientation, they like girls, therefore they don't have to be worried about getting gay feelings when choking out people. Would you rather they slap each other, this style of fighting is effective, who cares what you think about it. Why did you even ask this question? Did you expect me to tell you how I got a hard on when doing an armbar. Grow up.

    P.S. alot of girls do BJJ.

    I was obviously being sarcastic. You clearly didn't listen to the "Grow up" comment because your reply is just as retarded as your question. Just if you didn't notice, everyone disagrees with you so you're probably wrong, plus you're a woman. Haha.

    Source(s): BJJ Practitioner, this chick is a dumb sl*t.
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  • 9 years ago

    Because it is how the art is designed to be trained and applied. In a street fight, you cannot expect that both you and your attacker would end up standing still after trading blows, or that your attacker won't tackle you. You didn't ask, why TKD is more of kicking and not so much on punching, and why does Wrestling do grappling as well, why not punch each other and call that art wrestling just the same? Some things are meant to be that way. I know a couple of guys in my bjj school who are closet queen (though they won't admit it for sure!), but they don't go beyond the norm of grappling. Sure, they might enjoy some guy's crotch in their face, but they act as if that's nothing and they're not aroused (for sure they're not, what with sweaty, smelly balls, LOL).

    I've seen lots of students, after one class session, never came back, because maybe they've realized grappling is not for them, or they find it not effective for them. To each his own, every one has preference when it comes to an art, and choosing one doesn't necessarily indicate if a person is gay or not.

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  • 9 years ago

    You're clearly having a go with this, but I'll try to rise above and explain it rationally.

    It's not "hugging". Hugging is affectionate. BJJ is combative. The main goal of BJJ and other submission grappling systems is to get the opponent to admit defeat by threatening them with unconsciousness or with the destruction of a joint. The locks and chokes that best fill these requirements have certain optimum positions they must be applied from.

    It's a bit like chess. In chess, every piece has a certain movement pattern. In grappling, certain positions are better for some holds than others. And the guy on the defensive keeps trying to move into a position where he's less vulnerable to getting a limb snapped or his brain shut down with a choke.

    Now you also have to take into account that not only is this a mental exercise, but a physical one. Imagine trying to play chess while pushing a car around a parking lot as fast as you can.

    Despite your alleged "suspicions", most guys in BJJ aren't gay. I'm not. Neither are any training partners that I know of. I find no sexual pleasure in grappling; to me, it's a combative and sportive activity. I'm sexually attracted to women. And frankly, most of us don't like to be sweated on, or leave the mat smelling like some other dude's BO. But we like the physical chess game of out-thinking and out-fighting our opponents. Everything worth having in this life is worth a little discomfort, right? Nobody goes on a diet because they really love not eating sweets; nobody gets a Master's degree because they like having no personal life and staying up 'til 3am doing nothing but research papers. So no, I DON'T enjoy grappling because I roll around with sweaty men. That actually brings me no joy, and most of the people who do BJJ will agree with me. I enjoy grappling because I get to test my technical accumen and physical endurance against another human being. Playing darts or tennis or something is abstract, but if I'm ever attacked, my grappling training can actually save my life.

    At any rate, I figure if someone was gay, they'd just have gay sex, instead of going to a public place, fully clothed, while having their shoulder yanked out of its socket. I mean, I can't imagine BJJ would be condusive to romance. Not if you're doing it right.

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  • 9 years ago

    There are 3 ladies in my class :)

    And no, you are well off. Sweaty men is a big downside, especially of no gi bjj. But yet there is a certain sense of satisfaction, when you've got someone trapped in a triangle, that the last thing they will know before the tap out/pass out is the smell of your sweaty balls.

    was helping train one of our guys for a recent fight, so went to the gym 5 days in a row at about 6am. He failed to wash his shorts at all, and by even the second day, they were absolutely foul. On the fourth day, he went for a shower, we took these shorts and hid them in the ladies changing area (our gym is next to the pool changing). First group of swimmers that morning went in, and came out within a minute. One of them was actually sick.

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  • 9 years ago

    Oh there is nothing better than getting a guy's back, sinking ur hooks deep into his thighs, grabbing over-unders so that you're realll close to him, than u breathe down his neck and sink in a rear-naked choke... Sometimes I like to whisper sweet nothings into his ear before he goes unconscious.

    Ps. I don't wear a cup ;)

    (oH and mUay Thai does have hugging, its called clinching. I have fun there too)

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  • 9 years ago

    I mean yeah there are parts of it that are weird when your face ends up in their crotch etc, but it's not really meant to be gay. I mean maybe some guys do BJJ for that I don't know. Either way though people who do BJJ are secure enough to know it's not gay.

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  • Ned
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    9 years ago

    Funny you should ask but the problem is in your head. Once you find out why you are the way you are life will straighten out for you. Are you gay? You should be asking yourself that question.

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  • G T
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    9 years ago

    Some stuff in bjj is a little creepy and I'm sure that some guys get off on it. But it's still not as bad as greco wrestling. Wearing tights, lining up off-center behind another man who's on all fours, then having to pin them on their backs looks pretty gay to me.

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  • 9 years ago

    Unfortunately, contact sports

    Anyone can work in some bizarre sexual connotations, if you try hard enough, which you clearly have.

    "contact sports have muay thai ..."

    Thai clinch...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    for the competition i love to roll around sweaty with your mom

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