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I want to be on dance team? Help!?

I don't have a lot of experience. I'm a sophomore and I want to make dance team either my junior or senior year. My freshmen year I was in Colorguard which had some dancing and I loved it, but I quit this year for personal reasons. I was wondering what I have to do now to make dance team though.

I need tips on everything, and first I need to get in shape since I'm overweight and not flexible at all, and I know you have to be flexible to be a dancer. I'm willing to try hard to do what it takes to make it. The only real experience I've had was Colorguard and I did ballet when I was in 1st grade that's it. So please help me, I know I have a lot of work to do, but I'm determined to do it.


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    I've been a dancer since i was 4, and yes, I would say that you have to be flexible. I'm on a high school dance team (i'm in middle school) and it's pretty easy to me.

    You just need to stretch everyday to where you can get your splits and get more flexibility not only in your legs but in your whole body. I don't know about your schools but my school does a pom routine which is alot like cheerleading except with no gymnastics and more dance, and for all the high v's and t's and all that stuff we have to do, it takes some strong arms. I suggest doing some strengthening exercises every other day because you don't just have to be strong for pom dancing, you have to be strong in all types.

    You especially need strength in your legs and balance.

    Watch youtube videos of different dances and pick up some moves off of those.

    So basically, heres all that stuff, just more brief:

    *Stretch everyday

    *Do situps, crunches, pushups, lunges, wall sits, and moves that strengthen every other day to give your muscles a chance to rest.

    *Watch youtube videos of different dances

    *Practice your balance

    *Practice sharpness of any moves you know/see (By hitting them correctly and not having floppy arms)

    Hope this helped :)

    Source(s): Dancer, and dancer for High School Team =)
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    Heey !! :) well im 15 and ive been on my schools dance team before and i have been dancing since i was 4. I was never really flexable until i joined my cheerleading team and i decided it was time to acutally work. how i became flexible was by stretching everyday !! i held my splits for 1 minute on both sides and then in the middle. i did that three times a day. i also did wall splits. << those are wall splits. i did them once a day and held it for the full length of a song. usally 2-3 minutes sometimess 4.

    to get in shape i did 50 crunches per day, and 30 push ups. i walked/ ran somtimes and always did jumping jacks.

    basically to become a better dancer, i went on youtube and searched up dance routines.

    this is one i am currently learning

    Youtube thumbnail

    and the national dance day one.

    Youtube thumbnail


    work everyday and soon enough, you'll get to the point you want to be at.

    hope this helps !

    Source(s): ive been dancing for 11 years and i have been a competitive dancer for 5 years
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