Good halloween movies?

Not horror movies.

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    not horror??? Why? ; ) Isn't that the point of Halloween?

    Here are some good family Halloween movies that are not horror -

    Halloween Town movies - they have a few of these. They are good & created by Disney.

    The Goonies

    Hocus Pocus

    Actually I just found that ABC Family is doing a "13 Nights of Halloween". They will be showing family friendly Halloween movies.

    Check it out here -

    Source(s): homeschooling mom of 3 - I love horror movies & Halloween. But ofcourse I also love watching family Halloween movies with my kids.
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    It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    The Nightmare Before Christmas


    Pooh Heffalump Halloween Movie

    The Corpse Bride

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    Well if you say Halloween you generally say Horror: unless you mean something like a cartoon, for example "A nightmare before Christmas" or "The corpse bride".

    At this link

    you can find a list of good Halloween movies and trailers

    Source(s): Exerience
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    Me and my wife are watching a horror movie every night this month. Here is what we have watched so far. I'm only listing the ones we liked that had some sort of creep factor to them.

    Session 9




    The Uninvited

    The Unborn


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    Hocus Pocus

    Practical Magic

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    Ernest scared stupid

    Almost any goosebumps show

    Practical Magic

    Hocus pocus

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    well, it is hard to list halloween movies without horror in them. but, i guess you could say"Jaws" or halloween town.

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