Pokemon Soul Silver Power Item Breeding?

I read on serebii.net that if you attach a power item to the pokemon, that specific IV would be inherited.

I was wondering whether that IV from the parent would be given to the newly born pokemon or would a high IV of that specific stat would be inherited.

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    9 years ago
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    The IV inherited would be the parent's IV in which the power item was equipped.

    Lets say:


    The parent's IVs are: (3,31,25,12,7,19)

    It is holding a power weight. (HP)

    The Baby would then inherit the 3 from HP.

    However, this doesn't apply when BOTH parents have different power items.

    Lets say:

    Parent I: (4,26,31,25,12,31)

    Holding: Power Anklet (Speed)

    Parent II: (26,2,31,26,12,6)

    Holding: Power Weight (HP)

    Lets say the baby's IVs BEFORE inheriting the last, Power IV (In other words, lets say Sp. Def from Parent I was inherited and Attack from Parent II was inherited, with the last IV to be inherited)


    Unfortunately, according to testing I have done, only one of these Power IVs will be inherited, at 50% chance only. So, the Baby's IV's could have inherited HP, Speed, or even neither, inheriting Sp. Atk or Defense instead! I have also concluded that the game does not ever inherit both IVs; only 9 out of my 600 so pokemon bred have had both IVs the same (of course, this matches up with chances: 50% to get one of two, and from that, 1/31 chance to breed the next IV the same.)

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  • 9 years ago

    The EXACT IV of the stat would be given to the offspring. The IV was 29? The offspring will get an IV of 29 in that same stat. The IV was 3? The offspring will get an IV of 3 in that stat.

    The Power Items will not improve any IVs.

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