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仲有佢同Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma 是幾時出世?

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    Korilakkuma and KiiroitoriRilakkuma is often accompanied by Korilakkuma, who is a smaller child-like white bear with a mischievous personality, and Kiiroitori, a yellow chick who plays a tsukkomi role (considered to be the smarter, more logical one who criticizes others for making mistakes). Kiiroitori is basically the opposite of Rilakkuma because of the bird's hard-working nature and love of cleaning.[4] Kiiroitori is Kaoru's pet bird. Kiiroitori is always telling Rilakkuma off for being so lazy.[3] Korilakkuma frequently plays pranks on Rilakkuma while he is sleeping, such as drawing on him, putting headphones on him and sewing odd color patches on his bear suits. Most of the time, Korilakkuma doesn't say a word, but sometimes she imitates what Rilakkuma is saying.[2]Korilakkuma also has the appearance of a bear, but also has a red button attached to her chest, and so it seems that she is also not a real bear. However, unlike Rilakkuma, she doesn't have a zipper on her back. Her favorite foods are strawberries, apples and cherries and she loves playing with her radio controlled duck. Like Rilakkuma, she also likes listening to music, particularly at loud volume using her music player.[3]

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    According to the official material, the decadent chicken on with fei the bear same place, Zhong Yizhi ascends from the very beginning, because has the opportunity to hold the money; The white bear will be called [small relaxed bear] (korillakuma, ko= small) some day to appear, Zhong Yi will play the role of fei the bear.

    Official don't have stipulates them. General fans can work as (because they are the brother younger sister relates polar bear to match pink many, compares girl to feel)

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