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nonnegative random variable

請問當X is a nonnegative random variable. pdf is symmetric about a point a.

期望值 E[X] = [1-F(x)] dx積分,範圍從0~無限大


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    1. F(x)=∫[0~x] f(t)dt, F'(x)=f(x)

    2. ∫[0~∞] [1-F(x)]dx (分部積分)

    = [1-F(x)]x |[0~∞] - ∫[0~∞] x d[1-F(x)]

    =0- ∫[0~∞] x(-f(x)) dx

    =∫[0~∞] xf(x) dx


    註: The condition, f(x) is symmetric about a point a ,

    means that f(x)=0 for sufficient large x, so that lim(x->∞) [1-F(x)]x =0

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