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    Recently released the movie, the Earth's weather systems and plate movement started to change, volcanic eruptions in Iceland, Haiti, 10 episodes earthquake occurred in China snowstorms, droughts, with the end of the world in 2012 could not come early.

    The shock of watching the movie scene, the earth split earthquake, volcanic eruption to blow up the whole mountain range, the building can not withstand the ravages of the earthquake, like dominoes falling one by one, like the destruction of all our unexpected lens of our senses sprint nerve, but these effects, we should also think about what they see may not be just a fun movie, and he may be a reminder, a warning, alert us selfish.

    The film gives the deep feelings, the human should be caring for the earth to stop the destruction and hurt her, or if there is no human self-knowledge, then Mother Earth will eventually revolt, end of the world will certainly happen, that time, the regret is also too late.


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