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急!! 請幫我將下面的文翻成英文 20點



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    The KISS chorus biggest characteristic is the heavy powder wipes and is putting on the magnificent clothing on the face, has made a debut since 1972, the media racket has not had been to the appearance which the member takes off one's jewelry, causes the KISS chorus is maintaining throughout to the outside the mystical feeling, until 1984, the KISS chorus decided that takes off one's jewelry exposes to the public by the true colors, only then finally opened the KISS chorus the mystical veil. The exaggerating stage show style is also one of KISS chorus's characteristics, pounds the guitar, the torching, to spit blood, to hang the guitar which, the tank artillery, the smoke and fire, the demolition the steel wire flying apsaras, airborne, the guitar will belch smoke, will fly, will make one be bedazzled, the dumbfounded stage effect, will be the KISS chorus's at concert advertisement good play.

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