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Opposites attract.....really?

There is a popular notion amongst people that "opposites attract" in terms of relationships and love. I happen to completely disagree with this notion and I'll explain why. Do you think I'm taking this too literally?

The less two people have in common, the less they will be able to relate to one another. That's not to say they have to be exact copies of each other since its important to teach one another things and bring new things into the other persons life. But for example, I'm a loner and always have been, so my opposite would be an ultra social party girl, right? so she would have lived a life that I am unable to relate to and also completely disagree with. Is that supposed to be attractive? that sounds like a sad situation to me.

How can you be close with someone who has led a life you can't relate to? Is it because theoretically even though you are opposites, you share the same belief systems and morals? because by the sound of it, you would be opposites in that criteria as well, which would ultimately make me hate this girl because she would be everything that pisses me off and everything I disagree with. Am I taking this too literally?

Lets say we lived opposite lives, but shared the same beliefs and morals. First of all I find it hard to believe that someone could live an opposite life style as me and still have the same beliefs and morals as I do, know what I mean? Since our beliefs and morals are largely based on our lifestyle and experience of the world, which in this case would have been completely opposite.

What do you think?

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    that saying comes from conscious schools. It's about the fact that for humans, there are SEVEN basic body types. Seven different personality types, is another way of putting it.

    These types progress in an certain order. The types are named after the celestial bodies that the days of the week are named after. That is, the five planets closest to the sun (not counting Earth) plus the sun AND the moon.

    And these words are in our LINGO. For example, we can speak of someone with a Mercurial nature, a Jovial disposition, a Martial attitude, a Saturnine countenance, etc.

    Examples of Mercurial types would be Adrien Brody, Rhea Perlman, Jackie Earle Haley, Tony Pierce (Spivey, from Dances With Wolves), Emma Watson, Winona Ryder, Michael Keaton, Ellen Muth, Audrey Tautou...

    Some Saturn types are: Clint Eastwood, Brett Cullen, Scott Glen, Sam Elliot, Natascha McElhone, Ann Coulter, Ted Danson, James Brolin, Angelica Huston, Uma Thurman, Suzy Ormann

    Mercury moves INTO Saturn so Mercury/Saturn types might include John Cusack, Timothy Dalton, Tony Perkins, Billy Crudup, Sean Young, Rachel Weiss, Jim Caviezel, Pierce Brosnan,

    Saturn moves into Mars, so some Saturn/Mars types might be Dolph Lungren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Josh Brolin, Lindsay Lohan, Donald Sutherland, Dave Letterman, ...

    People CENTERED in Mars would be

    Keifer Sutherland, Mickey Rourke, Ving Rhames, Mark Valley (he may be Saturn Mars...), John Savage, Elizabeth Banks, Daniel Craig, Chuck Norris, Steve McQueen, "Narcissa Malfoy", Clémence Poésy...

    Mars moves into Jupiter so a Mars/Jovial type would be Chi Macbride, Michael Chiklis, George Dzundza, Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle, from Xena), Andy Richter, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tom Arnold, Mini Driver

    Persons centered in Jupiter (Jovial types) are: Shirley Knight, "Santa Claus", Rich Brinkley, Louis Anderson, Bonnie Hunt

    Jovial/Lunar types: Jeff Daniels, Shelley Long, Meredith Baxter Birney,

    Lunar types: Bebe Neuwirth, Shelley Duvall, Todd Louiso, Jim Parsons (Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory),

    Lunar/Venusian types

    Venusian Types : Oliver Platt,

    Venus/Mercury types - Jack Black, John Belushi, John Cazale,

    These are six of the types and their only circulating combinations. The order is Lunar → Venusian → Mercurial → Saturnine → Martial → Jovial → Lunar...

    There is a seventh basic type that does not circulate this way, it can combine with ANY of the types. This is the Solar Type. Regarding combining, Bebe Neuwirth has Solar in her as well as being a Lunar.

    Hope Davis, Evana Lynch, Mia Farrow are Solar types.

    It is easier to identify Saturn types because this country prefers those types to be "leading men". Lunar types are usually relegated to comic roles, particularly males because Lunar is the midmost point of passivity.

    Saturn is the OPPOSITE of Lunar. Jovial is the OPPOSITE of Mercurial.

    Martial is the OPPOSITE of Venusian. Types are part of our ESSENCE but they govern our personality also.

    The opposites you spoke of (politics, religion, favorite movies) are all superficial (not to impugn you in any way). Superficial because we are TAUGHT to belong to this political party (or religion) or that one, we buy a ford rather than a chevy because of the preferences of something outside us.

    We can look at someone and suddenly be HOT TO TROT without having ANY idea of that persons politics, belief structure, level of education or whatnot. These people are our MAXIMUM ATTRACTION because they are our opposites.

    Source(s): The Theory of Celestial Influence - Rodney Collin
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    The thing is, by "opposites" attract, I don't think they mean EXACT opposites. That is to say, it could just be two very different people, maybe in their view of society, maybe their personality. But sometimes, the difference may compliment each other. They'd have a wider view of the world with the differing opinions or whatnot of their partner. I do think you're right though. If they mean exact opposites, it wouldn't work, because they are far too different to be able to agree with their differences. Take the Harry Potter couple Ron and Hermione for instance (their not real, but their a good example). They are very different to each other in regards of their views on society, their personality, etc. However, they are compatible (bad example :L). What about George (or Fred, but he died, so yeah) and Hermione? I think they would be way too different to be able to be a couple. Now, Harry and Ginny. They are very similar, and they end up together as well. I guess it just shows that sometimes opposites do work, and sometimes they don't, it just matters on the people involved. ^^

    Source(s): My Awesome Mind
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    like you said, i think you're taking this a bit too literally. for two people to attract, there has to be some common basis for them to be in any position to like each other. for them to start dating and become a couple, then even more common ground is needed to establish that type of relationship. in all the relationships i've seen where two entirely different types of people get together, it usually doesn't last more than a few months because they refuse to cooperate with one another as time goes on. in terms of physical appearance, it's a common belief that both partners should be about equal in terms of how attractive they are to each other.

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    all tht u say its true...logicaly. but love is not logical. n yes, it can happen tht 2 ppl completely different fall in love only coz of so extreme difference. simply coz they like tht difference, coz its challanging. it odesnt mean tht they wont hv tons of problems if they get married n start to learn how to live with a person whom they hv nothin in common.

    Source(s): i married person whom i hv nothin in common.....
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    _ I Think _

    That depends.

    Sometimes they do attract, other times they repel. Either way all that matters is how you form relationships, and some superstitious motto.

    ☮ Ɱay all your daʒs have þeace and þrosperity ☮

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