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Remote accessing my computer?

Is it possible for one computer in my home to access another?

Im wondering because I think one of my siblings is "spying" on me. (for lack of a better term)

and I'd like to put a stop to it.

I say this because I heard some of my music playing on his computer and theres no way he would even know who the band was let alone understand or even like it hes a more rap and country dude, and this was in german and latin, medieval techno metal... ugh any way is there a way to tell if he is and a way to stop him. Its a privacy thing...thanks in advance...

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    It is possible to remotely access your computer via "Remote Assistance". But, he will need your premission to do so. If you are using Windows 7, you maybe sharing your music folder via "Homegroup". If you are using Windows XP, your music folder maybe shared.

    To see if your music folder is shared on homegroup:

    (1) Go to "Control Panel".

    (2) Click on "Network and Internet".

    (3) Click on "HomeGroup". If you are part of a Homegroup, under "Share libraries and printers", whatever is checked is being shared within your network.

    To disable Remote Assistance:

    (1) Right-click on "Computer" or "MyComputer", depending on your OS, and choose "Properties".

    (2) In Windows XP, go to the "Remote" tab, and make sure both boxes are unchecked. In Windows 7, clikc on "Remote settings" on the left panel.

    (3) Uncheck "All Remote Assistance connections to this computer", and make sure "Don't allow connections to this computer" is checked. Now, click "OK".

    Anyways, why don't you just ask him? He is your brother, after all. Plus, why wouldn't want to share your music with your sibilings? We share all the music files on our network. But, if you feel that he should have asked you first, let him know.

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    That's the main purpose of a network - allowing computers to share files amongst one another. If you have the know-how, then you can see and access his files, and he can see and access your files. You need to get some security software installed, or learn how to set permissions and restrict user access to your files. Do some Google searching to get all the details you will need.

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    The less access to your computer the better, you can disable remote access, I strongly suggest that you do so. Remember to keep an active firewall running at all times.

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    VNC is yet another selection, it is not particularly as speedy as living house windows distant laptop, yet greater transportable, as in you ought to apply it to many diverse working systems. It additionally has a equipped-in internet server that makes use of a java applet to remotely get entry to yor laptop from any internet browser.

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