Is analyzation a word? What would be a different word that meant the same thing?

A word that could be used in that tensey thing.

The analyzation of important ideas. But with a real word. The sentence can't be rearranged, it has to be parrallel to these other concepts.

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    As others have said, "analysis".is probably the word you want.

    There is actually a word "analyzation" that means the same, but it's archaic; a look in published books (see Google Books ) finds few occurrences later than the 19th century.

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    Webster's Revised Unabridged, 1913 Edition


    To separate into parts for study: anatomize, break down, dissect, resolve. See assemble/disassemble, investigate.

    To study closely or systematically: examine, inspect, investigate. See investigate.

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    The analysis of important ideas.

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    The study of important ideas.

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    Alternate (adjective) and alternate (verb) Bass (fish) and bass (guitar) Bow (verb) and bow (for violin) Close (near) and close (shut) Console (comfort) and console (like playstation) Contract and contract Desert (the place) and desert (to abandon) Dove (the bird) and dove (past tense of dive) Invalid (adj. not valid) and invalid (noun) Lead (metal) and lead (opposite of follow) Minute (time) and minute (small) Moped (the floor) and moped (cried) Number (counting) and number (more numb) Plaque (on your teeth) and plaque (on the wall) Present (gift) and present (presentation) Project (noun) and project (projector) Putting (to put somewhere) and putting (golf) Sewer (one who sews clothes) and sewer (gutter) Sin (mathematical) and sin (ex. 10 commandments). Tear (cry) and tear (rip) Wind (noun) and wind (verb, to rhyme with bind) Wound (cut) and wound (past tense of wind)

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    1. The deduction of important ideas.

    2. ( My invention ) the rationalysis of important ideas.

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    Taking a word with no anal inference and polluting it with such.

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    Analysis - simple as that.

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