Is ohio connections academy considerd homeschooling?

I am fed up with my childs school and will be withdrawing them immediantly after an incident last week with my kindergarteners teacher. I asked for my child to be moved to a new class or school district since MANY people have had problems with the same teacher and I was told by the principal "I dont think moving the child is the right choice" and the superintendant said there was no open enrollment. My choice is either homeschool or Move. We are in the process of moving (in 3 more weeks) Ohio connections academy is an free online public school. Will enrolling my child in this be considerd the same as home-schooling? Ive look everywhere I can online and cant seem to find the answer to that.


Adding on details,

If my school puts up a fight about me withdrawing them tomorrow, What laws should I recite to them to make it clear I know my rights?

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    It isn't legally independent homeschooling. It is public schooling at home. Does that confuse you? No need. If you are able to enroll them in Ohio Connections Academy on this short notice, then they are in school and there is no issue. The same laws that apply to attending a public school will apply to them; attendance and such. You will probably find that you have social groups set up by Ohio Connections Academy. If not form a group of your own for parents and kids in your area that attend Ohio Connections Academy. Just because another group won't include you, doesn't mean your kids have to be isolated.

    If you were to choose independent homeschooling, then know the laws in Ohio. Here is a link with the Ohio laws.

    Comply with the laws and you will not have an issue. Any correspondence you send or communication should probably be done at this point with registered mail as well as in person. It provides proof of receipt and a paper trail

    Good luck.

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    Connections Academy is public-school-at-home. Your child would still be under the authority of the public school if he is enrolled in that. It is not true homeschooling. It is "free" because the tax-payers pay for it.

    True homeschooling is private homeschooling, where the parents are in charge of the child's education. You choose the curriculum. You buy the curriculum. You do the teaching, or find materials that teach the child, such as lesson books, DVD's, or CD-ROM, or a private online homeschool program such as Alpha Omega's Monarch.

    Look on for info about the laws in Ohio. There are some rules and regulations in that state, so I'd suggest you join HSLDA and talk to someone about taking your child out of ps. You need to be careful to follow the laws so that you don't get into trouble. If the problem with the teacher is so serious that your child is in danger, or is being harassed, you could probably get by with taking him out right away. Just make sure you do the necessary paperwork ASAP.

  • Personally I would just go straight to homeschooling. You can check you state laws and see where you need to send your notice of intent form. In my state the ages are 7-16 to be registered. So check the laws in your state and see what age your child has to be before you pull the child. Then once you have all the info. You pull the child out of public school. If your child is under 7 and don't have to be registered then you tell the school you are homeschooling and you pull your child out of public school. At least it is one to one teaching. And if your child is struggling you are there to give that extra help. Not 25 or 30 to 1 teacher.

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    No, you're registered as a public school student and have at least one scheduled class. My friend does Connections Academy, it allows a lot of flexibility and even though it's a public school, it's two grades ahead and you can work at your own pace. You'll also have a chat board to talk to your teachers.

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    No it is not hoomeschooling. As you have already stated it is a free online public school. Homeschool laws do not apply when you use a public charter school program In fact many homeschool groups will not allow cyber/virtual/distance charter school students in the groups.

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    No... it is an online public school and therefore *not* under homeschooling laws. The school still has all the 'power' in whether you can enroll (or when you can enroll) and the online public school still has all the control on how and what your child learns.

    Homeschooling is *much* more flexible and completely free of the strangle hold of school officials and their whims of where your child should be and what they should be learning.

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    that's a sore spot with public school faculty; they fell threatened by homeschooling.

    NO ONE cares about the education & environment of your child as much as you. I experienced TERRIBLE atrocities at public school from elementary throughout college! Indoctrination, other kids with little guidance at home, discrimination, I KNOW for a fact of 8 cases at my high school while I went there of sexual affairs between teachers & students.

    It's insane but, HOME SCHOOLED kids are doing better in college than our kids from public schools (statistically). My neighbor's kid(home schooled) has been at WAKE FOREST for two years & always seemed to have a strong foundation. I went to public school throughout college & i learned so much more in the workforce. It's time to rethink our education system.

    you know what's best for your kids; don't let a disgruntled teacher with a political agenda take advantage of your kids. That's best case scenario; they WILL have a teacher between middle school & high school that given the opportunity will sleep with a student.

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    im sure they meant to just teach them at home instead so yea connections academy would work.

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