Is it possible for a dog to smile?

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Okay so don't think im crazy but my dog is smiling at me showing teeth..And I'm freaked out because i cant move without her staring at me with a blank stare for 5 minutes, more
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  • B!nd! answered 4 years ago
Absolutely. Dogs can definately smile- although it can be different from human smiles.
Usually, when doge bare their teeth like you are describing, they are acting aggressively, and not smiling, though.
It actually sounds like your dog is acting aggressively towards you, rather than smiling. Esepcially if he is staring at you and chasing after you.

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thank you
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  • Guest answered 4 years ago
    They can and do smile. Some do it naturally, some do it when trained.

    Of course, I would be careful, because if she's running after you in a non-play manner. That could be more of a snarl, that your mistaking for a grin.
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  • Help answered 4 years ago
    Dogs do smile at times,they're smarter than people give them credit for.Smiling is a very good trait that most of us need.


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  • boddahveryape answered 4 years ago
    Dog's don't smile with teeth, she's barring her teeth.

    My dog does when she's really hot or happy.
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  • Becca answered 4 years ago
    wow i would love for my dogs to do that lol

    once me, my family and friends were holiday and my mate was taking pictures anyway there was a horses there and he said smile for the camera then the horse pulled his upper lip up and lower lip down and showed all his teeth i was in stitches for ages they horse litually smiled for the camera :D


    Own Experience diffo animal lol
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  • ferretluvr answered 4 years ago
    yahh my dog does tht too.

    but its not crazy. its a way of life.

    he or she must really really love u.

    just like my puppy chalrie
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  • Elizabeth answered 4 years ago
    We had a dog named hobo that smiled all the time. Its so cute. I'll never forget that dog. She loves you and wouldn't hurt you. Cheap entertainment. Have fun! :P
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  • Outside of a Dog... answered 4 years ago
    Dogs do indeed smile, and it is a wonderful thing. Your dog really likes you or at least the reaction she gets when she smiles. Many people wouldn't notice by the way.
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  • Annie answered 4 years ago
    I have a smiling chessie and know of several other smilers in other breeds. I think it's way cool!

    My chessie will give a bigger and bigger smile the more people laugh at her!


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  • Nekkid Truth! answered 4 years ago

    here is a friend's powderpuff Crested.. grinning. He was named after the Cheshire cat because he smiles so much!
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