The Band Perry? Questions?

How old are each or their birthdays. Is the brother with the long hair the youngest, He looks about that way.

BQ- Do you like their music?.

BTW: just heard of them today

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    Yeah, I love their music, especially their most recent, "If I Die Young"!

    The Band Perry is an American country music band composed of Kimberly Perry (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano) and her two brothers: Reid Perry (bass guitar, background vocals) and Neil Perry (mandolin, drums, accordion, background vocals). The group signed to Republic Nashville in August 2009 and has released two singles: "Hip to My Heart" and "If I Die Young." Both songs will be included on the band's self-titled debut album, slated for release in October 2010.The Perry siblings began singing as children in their native Mobile, Alabama.[1] Kimberly Perry sang in her own band as a teenager with her brothers Neil and Reid working as roadies.[2] They later began performing as an opening act for her, and in 2005, they joined a New Faces of Country tour.[1][2]

    In 2008, The Band Perry was discovered by Garth Brooks' manager Bob Doyle, who helped them make recordings. These recordings were then sent to Scott Borchetta, head of the newly-established Republic Nashville label. The band signed to Republic Nashville in August 2009 and released its debut single "Hip to My Heart" that month.[3] All three members wrote it with Brett Beavers. The song peaked at #20 on the country music charts in mid-2010, followed by a self-titled extended play in April.[4]

    Kimberly: We grew up in Mobile, and I was 15 years old when I fronted my first band, the High School Boys, and Neil was eight and Reid was 10, and they had matching bowl cuts! And mom would always dress them alike too. She just stopped doing that a few weeks ago! They had their own band, as well. Neil was back on drums back then, and they found this adorable little lead singer and guitar player and their band would open all the dates out on the road for me and my guys. Then our parents bought this 33-foot motorhome and loaded all of us kids up and took us around the Southeast, and every weekend we would play music.

    June 13, 1988 is Kimberly's birthday.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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  • 9 years ago

    Man I agree with Marty they are just more of the same Disney pop crap! The CMT biography says that Kimberly is 26, anybody can put anything on Wikipedia so dont' trust it as a sourc.e

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  • 9 years ago

    Kimberly is 26, the youngest brother is 16.

    BA: NO NO NO NO NONONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are as lame as their name. I'm sorry you had the misfortune of hearing of them. Try another band of siblings, the Quebe Sisters, instead.

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