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Does anyone remember the Blue Cat in The Magic Roundabout? If so, was it only a book, or...?

...was an episode made for the TV?

I remember it, but a lot of people say I'm making it up. Are they right?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer was a film made in 1972 as well as a book. However, the Blue Cat didn't show up in any of the short TV episodes.

    "Danot made a longer film, Pollux et le chat bleu, in 1972 which was also adapted by Thompson and shown in Britain as Dougal and the Blue Cat. The cat, named Buxton, was working for the Blue Voice who wanted to take over the garden. The Blue Voice was voiced by Fenella Fielding and was the only time that Eric Thompson called in another person to voice a character. The Blue Cat heard of Dougal's plan and made him face his ultimate weakness, and locked him in a room full of sugar."

    There is an official Magic Roundabout site, , where you can read about the show and the books and the newest movie. The books do also include Dougal and the Blue Cat by Eric Thompson.

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