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Why did some people classify the Viet Cong as a "terrorist group"?

According to official documents, the U.S. used several chemical warfare weapons in order to obliterate farm land for miles and leave a good fraction of the South Vietnamese population with various illnesses up until today. Not to mention they killed 2 million people. So if the Viet Cong fought against this in order to protect their country from terrorism, isn't it ironic that they got labled as terrorists? If anything, they were the heroes.

Update 2:

Well SuzyQ, it seems you have proven me wrong. I didn't know about that massacure. In that case, both Viet Cong AND U.S. were terrorists. Wow.

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    terrorism is almost impossible to define- basically it revolves around the idea of using political violence against civilians for political ends, in which case the US army were definitely terrorists (tet offensives, napalm...) and the viet cong not as they were targetting the US soldiers, not vietnamese civilians.

    But if you go by that definition then taliban fighters attacking soldiers in afghanistan are not terroritsts either, so it is controversial...

    basically, whether a group is called terrorist or not largely depends on who is dominating the discussion, some groups may be called terrorist and others not purely because it suits those in power to define that side as terrorists, what with it being a very strong emotional term. Call someone a terrorist and you immediately make them seem illegitimate

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    Because, the viet cong hid behind women and children during the war so that they would have human shields that the american soldiers wouldn't sfoot at. They'd strap explosives to children and send them over to soldiers at times as well. To make matters worse, during that time during the war, most people actually focused on how "horrible our soldiers are treating those poor people" and so our fighting veterans were called baby murderers and horrible things, as well as even spat on and beaten. So, yes, the Viet Cong WERE in a sense, terrorists in a way that they used the fear of american soldiers to fight them and kill them by acting with cowardice.

    Source(s): History Class and, oddly, Rambo.
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    They were against us, so they're obviously the terrorists.

    The US couldn't have possibly done anything wrong in 'nam.

    They're obviously the terrorists.

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  • i always thought they were wild and crazy party animals all ways there with a joke and a light for your smoke

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    Communists are always to heroes to Amerika-haters.

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    9 years ago

    the us has gotten away with many atrocities...who was president?

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    3 years ago

    it sounds good

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