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Penn State, University of Maryland, James Madison, or Delaware?

I am looking at Penn State, Maryland, JMU, and Delaware. Could anyone tell me the differences academically and socially? I am a senior and high school and want to major in business in college and would like to know if I could get a good job if I graduated from any of these four colleges. Thanks!

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    Have you visited all four schools? If so, then you know that Penn State is a huge school in the middle of nowhere, Maryland is a huge school in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, and JMU and Delaware are medium-sized state universities located in small towns. Maryland and Penn State both have good business schools (and are better than JMU and Delaware), but Maryand's location offers the greatest potential for internships while you're in school and jobs nearby after graduation. I've known students who've gone to all four schools and they've all loved their experience there. All four schools offer Greek life if that interests you. Maryland and Penn State offer big-name sports programs, if that's important to you. Maryland is probably the most diverse of the four schools and also has the greatest percentage of commuters, although enough students live on or near to the campus for it to have a lively social life. If you're from a small town/small high school, JMU or Delaware might feel less overwhelming because they're not as big as Maryland or Penn State.

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