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Why do Kazakhstan and Israel participate in the EURO tournament?

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    All political reasons - same as Australia plays in Asian Region.

    Teams from Turkey, Israel, Kazakhstan play in Euro by providing crap reasons which I do not agree. Turkey has their own reason saying that they were part of Europe since the inception even though geographically they are in Asia.

    Israel claims - not many opportunities for them to play as Middle Eastern countries hate them and will not play. But they do play if they happen to meet them in any World Cup Knock out stages. Bull **** politics from all such teams.

    I have no clue why Kazakhstan plays in Euro, probably they had better ties with them.

    So this FIFA and Euro are all crap....why not include all the countries of Asia, Africa as they are close by to them.

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    Kazakhstan is partially in europe and israel plays in europe because a game israel-iran or israel-syria wouldn't be the best idea.

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