This kinda showed me he my bf doesn't care about me ='(?

Last night I babysat my boyfriend's niece. His sister's ex boyfriend (the girl's dad) is kinda a psycho. He used to beat up his sister and stuff like that. Well before she left last night she said "Matt's been crazy lately cause I wont let him see Jenny. He keeps coming over, calling and texting A LOT. So if the doorbell rings DO NOT answer it. Don't even look out the window to see who it is."

Well about 15 minutes after she left (she had a date which Matt really didn't like) the doorbell rings. I got really scared cause this guy use to be in the army and from what everyone tells me about him I don't want to be by myself with him. Not only that the last time I saw him he kept trying to flirt with me :(

My boyfriend's oldest sister said to me "Im surprised Drew would even let you stay here by yourself cause of Matt." Right then it made me start to wonder.

So last night when the door bell rang I texted him saying "Matts at the door"

He says "Don't answer it"

So I said "What happens if he tries breaking in or something?"

He responds "Call 911"

Im thinking to myself DUH call 911 who else would I call pizza hut?

He was at his friend's house about 5 minutes away.

If your gf was scared and there was a psycho at the door don't you think u would've at least came over to check on her?


I was so scared that my hands started shaking and I thought I was going to cry.

Instead he sends a text about an hour and a 1/2 later saying "everything goin ok?"

So I was pissed and just said "yep."

Usually I send like paragraph texts with smileys and crap so when I just type one word and a period somethings up. lol.

We've been together 8 months. But as of last night I honestly feel like he doesn't care as much as I thought he did. I could've been dead on the floor because he didn't want to leave his friend's house.

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    This doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't care.

    Boys minds work a lot differently to girls, because of all the different chemicals and hormones running through them.

    In his mind, he probably though it would be safer for you to stay there, without him coming and starting something - by the way you talk about this guy, it's not someone you'd want your boyfriend to be getting into a fight with!

    I think he just saw the situation differently to you.

    You didn't quite tell him exactly how you were feeling. Maybe if you told him that you were really scared, to the point of crying, he may have come over or called the police for you.

    I actually think he showed he cared by checking up on you.

    The best thing that you can do it bring it up with him. Sit down and ask him if he still cares as much as he used to, and give him the reason why you're asking it.

    I hope I've helped you see it a bit from his side as well, and I really hope you two can sort it out.

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    That is really really slack of him. You should explain to him how dog that was of him cos that's low. He put you in danger and didn't bother to prevent danger coming to you.

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