BSOD = Blue Screen Of Death. HANG PC PLZ HELP!!? And driver problem?

Hey Guyz i fogured out what was causing BSOD it was atikmdag.sys . I am running windows 7 and i am trying to install my ATi drivers from my CD but it says that "Setup was unable to complete installation. Try to setup your display driver with standard VGA driver before running setup" PLZ HELP and when i start CS 1.6 it was running fine in openGL in Xp but in 7 it does not run in openGL in need to run it in D3D when i start my game after some time my PC hangs audio loops and suddenly shuts down and BSOD comes or sometimes BSOD doesn't come.


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    In most cases, the build up of junk files in your registry is the main culprit of this trouble; this is due to the fact that area in your computer is very crucial because it is the central database of important files where most vital information and programs are stored. The accumulation of redundant items can significantly affect vital data because the build up can dislodge some of them from its proper location and cause others to be corrupted. The moment this scenario takes place, problems start to emerge and the dreaded blue screen of death appear which you need to immediately repair to prevent worsening the case.Consequently, one of the best solutions in managing the situation is to use registry cleaning tools with great power and capacity to completely flush out all junk files and fix all errors found. By effectively keeping this area clean from all trashes, you can also effectively solve the problem and even optimize your computer's performance.

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    7 years ago

    The best way is to download Ccleaner here

    Or you can go on Windows operating system locate the command prompt and go there to do the following:

    Create a Recovery file of system and date it today.

    Then begin by;

    delete the 'Temp' folders..they have hidden subfolders so you need to set the attributes in order to bypass this. For each subfolder delete all cookies and rubbish left behnd after install-uninstalled programs. Do a 'dir' command to check your progress. Make sure the 'Temp' file is empty.

    goto c:\windows\prefetch and delete everything in exceptions

    goto c:\windows folder and delete all the '$' files that have been installed by updates. They can all be succesfully deleted and just take up disk space.

    Locate the Internet Temporary Files..Check to see how high the saving level is..some have it set at 30 days..but that stores faaaar tooo much data..though it slows down the system overal. Keep this to a minimum..suggest 2 or 5 at most.

    Delete all 'cookies' all those you don't need.

    Locate the windows directory and go through the folders you know and those you don't need. Check this once a week at least. Some programs will install under XP as NT and older systems where there is no check of systems weight.

    Check to see that system files have not changed since last booting. Things like .ini files or .bat are important items.

    Check for 'Hidden Directories' all over the this at the command prompt:

    dir *.* /ah wil show these hidden directories

    Check the 'dir' command for all parameters

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    Is your computer freezing or crashing or getting the blue screen error?

    We all know how annoying this can be.

    Especially when you're in the middle of a project and lose hours worth of work because you computer froze up.

    Here are a few tips you can use to stop your computer from freezing up or getting the blue screen of death.

    Unless you have a hardware problem,

    like a hard drive going bad or a video card driver problem the reason you're computer is freezing or crashing is because of registry errors.

    95% of the time this is biggest cause of freezes and other general problems like slow start up,

    slow shutdowns, blue screen error, freezing, slow applications and a general lack of computer performance.

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