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Isn't it sad Libs equate indoctrination into a humanist religion with actual education?


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    What's most terrifying is that they don't even realize their beliefs constitute a religion. Virtually all of science is against them, but they've never even bothered to READ what it really says because they're happy to take the word of their figureheads on the matter. (That would be their clergy.) They worship multiculturalism and it can do no wrong, but they don't recognize it is their deity. You have no idea how many times I've shocked some liberal by showing them that race is not only real, but we can detect it with essentially perfect reliability with just three segments of DNA. They consider such an assertion blasphemy. When I point out that this was used to identify the remains of the 9/11 victims, they call me a racist, as if it's my fault that race is objectively real. They have a whole set of beliefs that are laughably out of phase with reality, but they're too busy congratulating themselves on not being Christians to recognize that they have fallen into a different religion. It's rather frightening, actually. Most of them don't recognize that they wouldn't even BE liberals if they had not been indoctrinated to hold that view since early childhood. They see study after study showing that school-age individuals are overwhelmingly liberal and turn conservative as they gain experience in life and it never occurs to them to ask why that is so. Roughly half of them are raised by conservative parents, yet some influence leads them to be liberals. They are compelled by the State to attend the indoctrination sessions of that influence five days a week.

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    No it's not sad. In fact, it's not even true. What is sad is that so many "conservatives" think that not indoctrinating kids into religion is a failure to educate.

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    I go to a public university.

    I take MTH 251 (Calculus), ECE 111 (Elec. Engineering), MUS 150 (band), CH 201 (chemistry), and WR 121 (how to write papers).

    Please explain to me where I am being indoctrinated (preferably class-by-class, so I can keep a schedule of sorts), and how to avoid this "humanist religion" they have OBVIOUSLY planted in me.

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    what humanist religion are you referring to? certainly not christianity, which has supported mass murder repeatedly throughout the years

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    Just because i don't get my morals from a 2000 year old manual for living life doesn't mean that my beliefs are any worse than yours.

    I'll get my morals from people who lived relatively recently, thank you.

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    Please stop. I like humanism. I like learning. And I am not a liberal.

    However what you say about indoctrination is correct - for most politics.

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    It's sad to see ignorant useless idiots like you people wasting bandwidth!

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    BillyJoeBobSue, we got us someone with some real book learnin'.

    Those claiming to be religious, in my experience, are liars. They use religion to justify their actions in the world. Your question is no different.

    More of the same conservative propaganda -- keep 'em poor, keep 'em stupid.

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    What religion are you talking about now?

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