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What's the average height for a 15yr old boy?

Just curious

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    The chart says between 64 inches and 72 inches. Which is what? from five-four and six-feet even, which means from short to tall.

    If you are a bit short, go! see a doctor and read on. First. Without becoming too technical, as your body reaches puberty the long bones become fixed in length. Fixed. Second. The height of a person is controlled by a hormone from the pituitary gland called the Human Growth Hormone HGH. And, synthesized HGH is readily available to doctors and rich athletes and even people like Sylvester Stallone.

    Two problems.

    This hormone, HGH, can easily bring a short person to full height, if, if, if they get it in time. Time.

    Further, HGH is much in demand by 'sports people' who need to cheat with drugs in order to compete. Many family MDs are therefore too wary of federal scrutiny to prescribe HGH to shorter boys. Just wait they often say. Lots of people say, "just wait" especially if they are tall and laugh 'down' at you.

    Your challenge is to get to a Pediatrician, Endocrinologist, or Urologist for a simple blood panel. Then you will really know. But do this before your time for help has passed. Also, toughen-up by demanding your folks get you a blood test and stature-age chart. Do not listen to silly anecdotes that all go like this: my mother's cousin was only five-feet tall at his graduation and now he's over six-feet tall! Yeah, right. Time, remember, HGH requires time.

    Michael J. Fox 5'5"

    Vin Diesel 6'1"


    Stature Chart


    Quote: "What surprises most people is the fact that GH affects much more than just a child's height. Concerns for families of children diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency include serious problems relating to; heart strength, lung capacity, bone density, immune system function and much more! The entire body is affected if a child is growth hormone deficient! Therefore, it is IMPORTANT to identify children with growth hormone deficiency as early as possible to avoid the permanent internal delays and damage in addition to the potential loss of permanent inches."


    Sylvester Stallone brags about human growth hormone (HGH) use to grow muscles. He was convicted of having huge quantities of HGH in Australia in 2007.


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    Just a guess, maybe 5'8''

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