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我想問 acting , Unlatched,中文點解

我想問此句 'Double acting, Double-leaf (latched / unlatched) , Palusol 中文點解

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    Double-acting = 復式作用的, 雙重作用的

    Double acting door (雙推拉門) is a door equipped with hardware that permits it to swing to either side of the plane of its frame.

    Double-leaf = 雙翼的

    Double-leaf door (雙扇門) is a door that has two adjacent independent panels hinged on each side of the doorway. 

    Latched –上閂

    Unlatched -沒有鎖的

    PALUSOL -德國公司BASF 注冊的商標 - 防火板 (The trademark owned by BASF – fire-resistant panel.)

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