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剛開始嚐試合作期間我們不會要求MOQ, 產品免費提供媒體測試部分我們也會support的,初期少量的貨品採購我們會走快遞或空運.



感謝, 喜貓 , mature male, 羅莉...你們的回答..

羅莉大師不好意思, 我早上已經先用了 mature male的答案了..

走快遞或空運部份因為之前我已經報了海運的價格, 對方回覆要索取sample 時問到我們可否走快遞的.

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    (一般我們的最少訂購量是XXX件, 然而我們願意給你特別的支援)因此剛開始嚐試合作期間我們不會要求MOQ, 產品免費提供媒體測試部分我們也會support的,初期少量的貨品採購我們會走快遞或空運.

    另外,你所指定要的樣品要寄到何處,要麻煩你回信通知我. Dear XXX, I am sorry for the late reply due to my sick leave of catching cold for one week. Normally, we request the MOQ of XXX pieces. However, we are willing to give you a special support. Therefore, we don’t request the MOQ for our cooperation in the beginning. We will also support some free samples for media test. We will deliver the goods by express delivery or air freight due to the purchasing quantity should be small in the beginning. By the way, please reply to me where the assigned samples will be delivered. Best regards, XXX MOQ : minimum order quantity: 最少訂購量

    紅色字體部份是我建議加入的部份, 可以讓客戶感受到你們願意support的誠意

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    My apologies for the late response on your inquiry. I was out of the office for a week due to a cold.

    During the trial period we will not require a MOQ. Free samples for media testing will be provided(supported). Initial orders of small quantity will be shipped via courier or air-freight.

    Also, please indicate where you would like me to send the samples you have requested.

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    剛開始嚐試合作期間我們不會要求MOQ, 產品免費提供媒體測試部分我們也會support的,初期少量的貨品採購我們會走快遞或空運.


    Dear Xxxx,

    Sorry for the late reply due to my catching flu that knocked me down to a

    sickness leave for a week.

    During the beginning period of attempted cooperation, we will not stipulate an

    MOQ. Secondly, we assure to provide support on the free samples required for

    your commercial media tests. The deliveries of the initial minor purchases will

    be made by courier or air-freight on our account.

    Kindly indicate us by return mail the address to which the demanded samples

    should be sent. Thanks.

    Best regards,

    Xxxx Xxx

    2010-10-11 12:21:16 補充:

    on our account

    初期少量採購如由我方說出要走快遞或空運(運費昂貴), 亦未先徵得對方同意, 應是一個展現我方支持誠意的提議, 由我方負擔運費; 否則逕為運送方式之規定又要對方出運費, 那豈不是慷他人之慨來為自己拓展生意?.

    如運費過高, 亦可協商由我方支援半數金額, 同樣是展現支持誠意.

    Source(s): 本人為從事國貿的資深人員
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    剛開始嚐試合作期間我們不會要求MOQ, 產品免費提供媒體測試部分我們也會support的,初期少量的貨品採購我們會走快遞或空運.


    Sorry indeed to reply you so late. I had one week of sick leave due to having cold.

    We don't ask for MBO at the initial trial stage of cooperation. We also support free products provided for media test. For such small quantity of purchase, we'll send thru' prompt delivery or air freight.

    Please advise the postal address you'd like to receive the samples. Please return your reply.

    Thanks and best regards,

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