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    Woman: What form of non-verbal communication matters most in business?

    Man: Just to take one example, perhaps it would be good to talk about smiling. This seems very simple. Human beings smile all over the world, but actually smile at different times. And the smiling has a different meaning in different countries. One has to avoid over generalization, but there's frequently an experience difference between the U.S. and Germany as when people smile. Researchers say that actually there's a different attitude to smiling. Let's just look at what smiling really means in those two different countries. I think in Germany, people smile for a reason, and they often say about the Americans,"Ah, people smile all the time. This is superficial. This is actually insincere, or maybe even dishonest." And if you talk to Americans about Germans, they can often say, "Ah, the Germans are really unfriendly. When I go in a servicing counter in a shop, or I am doing business, they never seem to smile. " Now what's the reason for this? I think in Germany the smile is something reserved for a particular occasion or has a particular cause. There's a reason for the smile. In America, researchers talk about the "contact smile" -- you smile when you meet someone before you even say something. So if you understand that there is a different reason for the smile, then I think you can avoid this misinterpretation of the situation.

    女: 哪種非語言溝通形式,在商務上最為重要?

    男: 舉個例吧,或許拿「微笑」來談不錯。這似乎沒啥複雜的,世界上,人類到處都在微笑。可實際上,微笑的時機不同。並且在不同的國家,微笑有不同的意義。我們不能一竿子打翻一船人,不過在美國和德國,對於人們什麼時機微笑,常常有經驗上的差異。研究人員說微笑是帶有不同態度的。讓我們來看看,在這兩個國家微笑究竟意味著什麼。


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    這是對話的部份。對話前面是 podcast 的背景說明,後面是結尾。

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