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~榆~ asked in 社會與文化語言 · 10 years ago


Jap and Ganesan's three-item scale tapped into the degree to which explicit

contracts were used to govern the channel relationship.


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    tap1.KK [tæp], DJ [tæp]

    1. 輕拍, 輕叩, 輕敲

    同義詞rap, pat變化形 動變tapped tapped tapping 變化形 名複taps

    vt. 及物動詞1.輕拍, 輕叩, 輕敲


    He tapped me on the shoulder. 她輕輕地拍拍我的肩。



    He tapped the ashes out of his pipe. 他輕輕地將煙斗裡的煙灰敲出來。



    4.【美】指定, 選定


    Mr. Smith was tapped for police commissioner. 史密斯先生被指定為警察局長。

    .vi. 不及物動詞1.輕拍, 輕叩, 輕敲[(+on)]


    Listen! Someone is tapping on the window. 聽! 有人在敲窗戶。

    .n. 名詞 [C]1.輕拍, 輕叩, 輕敲


    There was a tap on the window. 有人在輕叩窗戶。

    2.鞋掌; 鞋底

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  • 10 years ago


    *當動詞的中文翻譯為:輕拍, 輕叩, 輕敲

    *當名詞的中文翻譯為:鞋掌; 鞋底


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