printing across home network from xp to w7?

Using xp sp2, sometimes I can print on the printer attached to the win7 machine, othertimes the win7 machine blocks me completely. It seems to depend on which one is booted up first. A different win7 desktop can always print to the w7 printer. It is as though the xp is not important, and does not even get the chance to log on as a user. I need step by step list of what to do to ensure that my xp can always print to the printer on the w7. All in the same workgroup and the same subnet. I am admin on both with different user names and passwords. thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    First off you XP machine needs sp3 and all the latest updates.

    Secondly its a pain in the butt because your supposed to create a user account with the correct permissions on the Windows & machine for your XP user machine and must have apassword on the XP machine...Windows 7 wants your XP to be more secure in what it does. Google it you will see what all I mean.

    Best of option move the XP to Windows 7.

    Jason Ward

    24-7 Tech Inc.


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