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Anonymous asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 1 decade ago

Should the US pass a law similar to the UK than Sperm Bank Donors are not immune to Child Support claims?

It would reduce the number of claims to the media about the 75% of single mothers being owed child support and not getting any, despite having never filed for any.


Donation have dried up, quite literally. They are now importing from the US.

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    There is no commitment to a child's support in the act of whacking off and selling your product. It's a commercial transaction. 'Mommy' can buy the product in the hope of quickening her eggs---from the agency that sells sperm. Odds are pretty good that she can't get the sperm from the agency without waivers that exempt the agency from child support claims. And if she can't make that claim for child support on the proximate cause of her pregnancy, how could she press that claim on the more distal cause? It defies reason to permit the claim.

    That the UK could pass the law loosely outlined in your question leaves me slack-jawed in amazement. Is there an insanity epidemic in progress there?

  • Well - every donor of free sperm should be exempt! I'm sick of offering the creme de la creme to (most) comers, and having to accept total responsibility for the outcome. Gee - I didn't want to OWN it - just borrow it for an hour or so!

    So what's the problem - oh, sorry - you were discussing England Uber Alles - the new Fascist state that dictates any stupidity it wants.

    Time to take back your own lives, gentlemen - and your own government.

  • 1 decade ago

    Only if they want the sperm banks to be permanently empty.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do you mean that they should be immune to claims? Otherwise, your question doesn't make very much sense.

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