R&P:are you depress!!?

I am depress :(

if you were here(Iran) you would be depress to :(

BQ:Favorite sad song?


@sexy tuba: unfortunately they listen to rap music which i hate it a lot.sigh

my fav genres are alternative and punk :/

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    At the moment, no.

    But it's not like it is not a struggle at times. If it weren't for my beliefs, and having long ago figured out that man will ever only dominate man to his own injury,I certainly would be. Over 6000 years of recorded history, man has never proven able to overcome his own pettiness and greed and apathy to actually "make things work". No matter which government or religious system.. man still has the same exact problems he did then.

    I can see many reasons why you would find your circumstances to be though. While the average American does not live under the thumb of a delusional totalitarian regime led by a psychotic Ayatollah, there are plenty of reasons to despair here too, just different reasons.

    One might not be openly persecuted for their choices of music, lifestyle or religion here (or at least not to the degree much of the rest of the world is) but many folks are finding themselves in futile situation where they cannot even begin to care for the needs of their families, with no hope on the horizon, watching a lame duck government cater to fat cat business men who are making billions while further driving the economy under, while the government falsifies unemployment rate figures by only claiming those who are currently allowed to collect government assistance as being unemployed, while pretending the other 10% or so of unemployed America either does not exist or have gone back to work when everyone not stupid enough to listen to the media knows otherwise... because no ones unemployed friends and families have found work.

    Admittedly, compared to the concerns of other parts of the world, it may seem trivial, but each area has it's own concerns, and sadly, whereas the cultures and economies of many less rich nations are still able to find avenues to care for their poor, the "richest" nation in the world has become so dependent on it's money and things that the suicide rate is becoming alarming in some areas, and sadly some people have even killed their own families out of despair and frustration.

    So many people cannot find work, or pay for food, and yet you can walk down streets and see whole rows of homes vacant and ready and waiting..... athletes getting millions to play children's games.... and for the most part as long as we have cable tv, delivery pizza and the internet, we are fat and content and truly don't pay more than lip service to the plights of others.

    In ancient times, during a famine in Rome, the Emperor's solution was to order "more sand for the arenas" because he knew for the most part if you keep people entertained, they will be too fat, dumb and lazy to actually be bothered to rebel over the rest. Al one has to do is look around today to see it still applies.

    So, sorry for the rant, and I am sorry that you are depressed, but I can sympathize as ANYONE who truly takes the time to look around them today and see what is going on ANYWHERE in the world would realize that for all the technology we have available, it is a truly depressing time... but most of us are content to put our earbuds in, and play video games and pretend the world is not burning around us.

    Thank goodness I stopped looking to man to fix things.

    @Ratowitz and Stuie.. after you learn a second language go tell someone about their fluency. I am pretty sure his English is better than your Farsi.

    BA: HURT by Johnny Cash


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well I do know that there are a lot of public hangings in Iran. I know they publicly hang homosexuals in Iran. that would be a little depressing. I would be around the most confusing religion in the world, Islam. that would be depressing. I like some arabic music though I use the genre in my own music as a practicing musician so that may be alright. I know there's Metal out there too because I saw a news program about it. there's a lot of talk about weapons of mass destruction in Iran that's a little depressing. However, I would still make the best of my situation I always do. I have had my freedom taken away and done some time in the penitentiary and made the best of that. for god sake man this is life its full of death, destruction and evil you have to build an asylum for yourself and try to enjoy this sh*t as much as possible. one things for sure your going to die one day and just in case that there's nothing but oblivion and the annihilation of consciousness after you better just live it up while you can. NO!! I refuse to be fu*king depressed.

  • 6 years ago

    I was kind to a depressed friend so i can only see from my point of view... how cruel she was to blame other factors and not want to seek help for her problems. Even if depressed, there are good people Don't hurt them or it's sinful

  • 9 years ago

    Iv been "depress" pretty much all ma life, Iv had some happy phases though :D

    n for the sad song try Uaral, theyr a folk doom metal band and theyr GREAT! try their "eterno en mi" song... it's like WOW :O :O :O :D

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Pretty much constantly. So I feel Ya.

    BA: Wicked Witch - Demons & Wizards

    Also Killer Peaches just voiced my exact mindset

  • 9 years ago

    Not at all. What kind of modern music do they listen to in Iran?

  • 9 years ago

    Not right now, but I could be at any time.

    BA: The Burden Is Mine Alone-Green Carnation.

  • 6 years ago

    Ancint Egyptian music is really relaxing. You could listen to that.

  • 9 years ago

    I'm sorry. I am too. But your situation is probably much worse.

    BQ: Lover's Grief - Empyrium

  • 9 years ago

    Aww =/

    BQ: Gravenhurst - Damage


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