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temperature, humidity, feeding, lighting, and tank size requirements? also personallity?

I would like to know the requirements for the following reptiles:

blue tongue skink

butterfly agama

mountain horned dragon

ball python

red tail boa

corn snake

rosy boa

savanah monitor

bearded dragon

Obviously im not going to get all of these, but i would like to know the requirements and preferences for these animals before I really consider getting one. Please just tell me anything you know about the animals. I am fairly experianced in the keeping of reptiles, but I have never kept a larger reptile before, just smaller ones with similar requirements.


plz tell me anything about chinese water dragons too. thank you in advance.

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    Wow. That's quite a few. Let's get some links up to narrow it down a bit. :P

    What kind of animals have you had already? They must have been pretty small because several of the ones you listed aren't exactly large or even "medium".

    Let's see now: It will be quite a lengthy answer if I go through each one answering all of those questions for each. So I'll find good basic caresheets/info for each to help you narrow it down a bit.

    Blue Tongued Skink: http://exoticpets.about.com/cs/lizardsaspets/a/blu...

    These, like beardies, have specific needs, but are excellent if handled and cared for properly. They require a large space. They have good personalities and are fairly laid back animals. Good with handling.

    Butterfly Agama: http://www.scottishexoticreptilesforum.co.uk/gener...

    I am not familiar enough with these to give any opinion. I'll let you decide through your own research.

    Mountain Horned Dragon: http://www.froggieb.com/MHDCaresheet.html

    Once again, no real experience with these.

    Ball Python: http://exoticpets.about.com/cs/pythons/a/ballpytho...

    Ball pythons can be problematic, so you really want to know their history and be extremely picky about who/where you get them from. Feel free to send me a message with any questions about them. I've rescued several (babies and adults). One of my favorite types of snake. :) Shy snake but easy to handle. They are not likely to bite and are easy to handle. Like all snakes, they are extremely curious. Also they LOVE to climb.

    Red Tail Boa:http://www.kingsnake.com/boapage/caresheets/boacon...

    Not a good beginner snake. They grow between 8 and 10 ft usually. You should not handle a constrictor snake over 6 ft by yourself. For them you have to consider the amount of space required for such a snake. This being said, they are generally very docile snakes. Not as muscular as the larger python species.

    Corn Snake: http://exoticpets.about.com/cs/cornsnakes/a/cornsn...

    These are docile snakes with excellent dispositions. Faster moving than the pythons and boas. The babies may false strike and musk a bit. They come in a beautiful variety of morphs that aren't nearly as expensive as many other species like the ball pythons. Easier to care for; much hardier. I have experience with corns as well as king snakes.

    Rosy Boa: http://www.herpcenter.com/rosy-boa-caresheet.html

    These are small for snakes and the ones I have come across had been handled; quite docile. While they require a little more than a colubrid, they aren't as large or sensitive as the boa constrictors and pythons.

    Savannah Monitor: http://lllreptile.com/info/library/animal-care-she...

    Not a good beginner lizard. If you haven't handled something as big as a bearded dragon or a blue tongued skink I would Not recommend getting one of these. They are larger predators and those tails are like a whip. Can be very docile. Many people I know who have these have the lizards favor certain people and act aggressive towards other people.

    Bearded Dragon: http://exoticpets.about.com/cs/lizardsaspets/a/bea...

    I have experience with beardies. They have one of the greatest personalities of any reptile out there. Love to hang out with you and are extremely curious animals. They do, however, have MANY requirements including a large enclosure. Make sure you're up for all of it.

    Chinese Water Dragon: http://www.triciaswaterdragon.com/dragoncr.htm

    I know they need a LOT of space and diving water as adults. They also need to be handled regularly or they become quite aggressive.

    *pants* I think I got them all. Did I cover them all?

    Anyhoo, feel free to send me a message in regards to corn snakes, ball pythons, and beardies. I do know a bit about savanah monitors, blue tongued skinks and red tail boas but have not had those myself.

    Source(s): bearded dragons, uromastyx, burton's legless lizard, ball pythons, corn snake, king snake looked into several of the other species on your list
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    That's a lot to ask. I think you would get more detailed info from Googleing each species.

    If you are as experienced as you say, I'd recommend a RTB, sav monitor, beardie, or the water dragon. All aren't terribly hard to find breeders for but are still the next step up from beginner level herp keeping.

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